Monday, 11 November 2019

Do You Meet “Google My Business” Guidelines? – Digitizebrand Blogs

It’s obvious that every local business will have their “Google My Business” page. Some of them would manage their pages on a regular basis, but some of them wouldn’t. The problem is that all those “Google My Business” pages which are inactive for the last 6 months may be deactivated by Google. The main purpose behind is to provide a better user experience, and provide users’ pages which are active.
Google employees Jade Wang and Brian recently made a statement that businesses may lose their “Google My Business” account verification if they have last logged in before 6 months and still inactive.
Some of the points they mentioned are :
  • Users have their “Google My Business” page may be contacted via email to ensure that they’re active on their pages, and updating the pages regularly. If a user is found unresponsive to this email then he could lose his page. So, look at your inbox if such kinds of messages are received and be responsive.
  • They also mentioned that if a page is deactivated incorrectly, users can contact here to get assistance and bring their pages into the active mode again.
So, What Should You Do to Avoid this Problem?
If you’ve a “Google My Business” page, then you should do the following as per Google Guidelines.
  • You know that Google is very conscious to provide a better user experience, and a good page would be that provides detailed and accurate information what users are looking for. So, decorate your pages with all the valuable information that could satisfy users need.
  • Always keep updated your pages whether you’re migrating your business or have some announcement to make.

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