Friday, 8 November 2019


Today every business owner (individual, group of people and small/medium/big/mega business organization), every entertainer, every government and every social organization are gearing up to get connected with their consumers (first), with their staff, with stake holders, with shareholders, with their service providers, with their part/product suppliers and so on.
  1. All of them are trying (exploring) number of ideas on how to get connected continuously with everyone.
  2. All of them are exploring various ways & means, options, tools, etc.
  3. Among many, Mobile App is running upfront and Mobile App is standing in front row.
Developing Mobile App is not a robotic science now-a-days.
  1. However, inspiring users to use Mobile App is the biggest challenge.
  2. Inspiring users to download Mobile App is another challenge.
  3. Inspiring users to keep the Mobile App permanently in his/her Smartphone is the next biggest challenge.
These challenges can be handled systematically and here is the knowledge source.
We at Deven Infotech helps organizations (business ~ individually driven or by people or by organization, social work, education, and government) to develop customized Mobile App and some of them are:-
  1. Help Desk
  2. Asset Tracking, Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting
  3. Expense entering, monitoring, alerting, tracking and reporting,
  4. Visitor Management
  5. Vehicle Tracking
  6. Business Tour (enter, track, monitor, alert and report)
  7. On-line library of books, CD’s, DVDs, etc.
  8. Delivery of products ~ tracking, monitoring, alerting & reporting
  9. Product or Service Sales & Purchase
  10. Tool maintenance, repairs, calibration, etc.
  11. Electrical & electronic goods maintenance, repairs, etc.
  12. Automobile maintenance, repairs, etc.
  13. Complaint Management
  14. Daily Task Management = enter, assign, track, alert, monitor,
  15. Local Conveyance = automatic calculation, reporting, monitoring, tracking and payment
  16. Crop monitoring, alerting, tracking, packaging, etc.
  17. Project Management ~ create, enter, alter, modify, monitor, track, reporting, etc.
  18. Attendance for roaming staff
  19. Transport Management for vehicles, for goods & for people
  20. Support Management for goods, for services and for people
  21. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  22. Menu Card for products & services
  23. Sales Configurator for products & for services
  24. Service Configurator for products & for services
  25. Patient Management
  26. On-line support & training
  27. Calendar for education institutes for teaching staff, for nonteaching staff and for students
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