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As of today, (April, 2017) are you educated + empowered + informed how Indian consumers (and global too) consume countless products and needy services?
As of today, (April, 2017) more than 50% Indian consumers find their need of products & services on Internet, they find how product look, they find the packaging of product, they find what are the features of the product, what are the benefits of the product, what are plus points of the product, what is the price of product, who are existing users of the product, what are their comments, etc. and then only they buy the product. Rule apply for services too.
This is the process adopted by many Indian consumers (global consumers too) when they take purchase decision to buy any product or service.
This method and/or process is called as purchasing process.
Typically, when they follow above-mentioned process, most of them (Indian consumers and global too) use (default) Google Search Engine to find the product or service.
What Google does is this.
When consumer type the product (name, type, category, model name, model number, description, etc.) and/or service! Google Search Engine provides various web links which is already known to Google’s Searching Algorithm.
Typically, these links are as follows: –
  1. Web site or portal of the product or service
  2. Social media business pages of the product or service like Facebook business page, Google Plus business page, Pinterest business page, Twitter business page, LinkedIn business page, etc.
When consumer see what he/she wants! He or she click visible link or links.Google Search Engine remembers the user (IP address of user, Device used, platform used, Location of the user ~ if shared, etc.) and the number of web links clicked by the user.
Google Search Engine inspire and/or provoke user to click on those web links and that’s the visible business of Google Search Engine in addition to many ones.
Now quest for today is this.
  1. Does your business is digital?
  2. Do you do your business in digital?
If answer is yes? Good.
  1. If answer is no? Would you like to take your business in digital form?
  2. Would you like to win & grab more Indian consumers?
  3. Would you like to win & grab global consumers?
If answer is yes? Then reply to our email, you can text on Deven Infotech’s Mobile Number (type your name, location and time to call), you can email us your details or you can call Deven Infotech’s mobile number.
We would love to help your business. If our help helps your business to grow to win more customers! We would be damn happy. We meant it.
In this regards, we offer following services namely: –
  1. Creation of business web site
  2. Recreation & redesigning of your web site so that it is clearly visible on Computers, on Tab and on Smartphones including various browsers used by consumers.
  3. Creation of social media business pages namely Facebook business page, Google Plus business page, LinkedIn business page, Pinterest business page, Twitter business page, etc.
  4. Creation of business Mobile App (Application) and integrating payment gateway so that consumers can buy & pay immediately for your product and/or services offered by your business.
  5. Spreading your business across India, across globe, across to a geographical location namely a particular area, entire city, entire district, entire state, etc.
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