Friday, 22 November 2019


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World has gone through different era. Talking about last 50 years world has experience two major Era one of Industrialization and second Globalization. So now question is what will be the next era and answer is simple, it’s Digitization over the globalization. Digitization comprises of reach, digital data, it’s processing and so on. Let’s look at the graph below.. analytics of data to decide their business strategy. With the increasing mobile usage, more and more data flows, gets processed and the same is being analyzed by the businesses, organizations and government. Digital Marketing plays very vital role in this by materializing this digital revolution by increasing market present for the businesses using digital media.. At the same time this revolution helped individuals to get the information on their fingers, which is useful for day to day life. With the digitization people are looking for the daily needs, shops around, hotels, ticket bookings, bank transactions all to happen through mobile devices they own. This is just the beginning, with more and more powerful digital So what are you waiting for? Get started becoming a digital marketing expert now.

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