Thursday, 7 November 2019

Digital Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017!

The year 2016 started off with an extremely positive note for those who believe in digital marketing. With the Prime Minister declaring various projects to realise his dream of a digital India, the time for digital marketing is now! More people realised the importance of digital marketing and the growing prominence of digital media. Why would they not? At one-fourth the investment, this medium offers double the returns. And then there are agencies like SRV Media that are setting a new benchmark by providing out of the box customised solutions to help your business reach new heights.
As one of the experts at SRV Media puts it, “Digital is only set to grow bigger with each passing moment. We started out with a limited bouquet of services and it is this growth that fuelled our enthusiasm to learn and grow more. Today as a result of this enthusiasm and drive, we offer a vast bouquet of digital media marketing services. Right from development of a web design to making a website, presenting the content, creating banners and working on live campaigns, we are fully equipped to carry out any kind of digital media marketing related activity from start to finish.”
Adding further he elaborates, “We believe in giving our customers everything under one roof. Additionally, digital is very dynamic and making those changes in the knack of time can actually help provide a bigger boost. This is where we are able to walk the extra mile for our customers.”
With 2016 almost gone by and 2017 beckoning loud, the experts at SRV Media share their insights on trends that will prove to be game changers for 2017.
Augmented reality is the next big thing to watch out for: Pokemon Go introduced the craze and from the looks of it, this madness is here to grow. Augmented reality is set to change the face of digital marketing for good. Being able to connect with customers in a stronger way is just the tip of the iceberg when one considers the advantages.
Live video streaming:Digital is all about being faster and accurate. The idea of staying connected to your customer through facebook and live tweets is also to keep them in tune with the latest updates. Now with live streaming this relationship will grow stronger. Facebook has already integrated the feature into its newsfeed, others are likely to follow suit soon.
Data visualisation is important:More and more data visualisation tools will gain prominence as the need to rapidly interpret data and use it will become important. After all, even the SME business owners are realising the importance of being digital. Businesses are going to want to use more and more of data visualisation tools in 2017 and those who don’t have it, will end up regretting.
There is a lot more about digital media marketing and how it can change the face of your business. For those of you who are yet to explore the power of the digital media marketing tools, SRV Media can help you. Log in to to know more.


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