Thursday, 7 November 2019

Digital Media Marketing – One Size Doesn’t Fit All Vol. 1

They say if the shoe fits, wear it!
While that’s a very sage advise, it does not always work the other way around. Something you are wearing won’t magically start fitting you, irrespective to how many different shoes you try. Picking a perfectly fitting digital marketing strategy is more or less the same task. You’ve got lots of options, platforms and strategies to choose from; but how would you know which one fits you the best? Let us help you out with that question.
A glance at the scope of Digital Media:
Digital Media is the talk of the hour when it comes to being the next big thing in the field of marketing. With over 150 Million monthly Unique Searches on Google and 195 Million Facebook users, India has a huge audience on digital media platforms, thus making it the new battleground for brands and businesses alike. However, does Digital Media Marketing yield similar results for all kinds of businesses/products/brands?
The simple answer is no!
Even though two or more business ventures may share the same ecosystem in the industry, it is not necessary that the same marketing approach will work for all them.
Thus, it is crucial that you understand your business tonality, because the effectiveness of digital marketing activities is very subjective. Let’s look at some of the popular digital platforms & see what are your best options are if you are a B2B business.
Digital Marketing for you would do well if you restrict activities on Instagram to a mere ‘Maintenance Level’. As most of the business clients or prospects are not looking for products or services on Instagram, it won’t be the best thing to do if you start promoting it there aggressively. However, you can establish an image of your company or enterprise through this visual media platform.
Consider above numbers consider before including Instagram as an active component of your B2B marketing campaign.
LinkedIn too, would be an avenue that one can tap into. It’s most useful for business services such as Business Consulting, Recruitment Outsourcing, Market Reports etc. As evident from the below image, LinkedIn is the fastest growing network among professionals in India, preceded by the US only.
It is expanding at such a high pace in the country that every 2 seconds, a new members joins LinkedIn. Thus, it is very advisable to expand your business network by connecting with professionals on LinkedIn. (Data Source)
Facebook can be used at a hygiene level for B2B businesses. Product Launches, Brand Achievements, Milestone Documentations, Employee Achievements, etc. are all things that can be documented through Facebook to drive results. These include higher employee engagement, better brand recognition and improving one’s status as an employer.
As it is evident from the above statistics, Facebook is a great place to present your brand in front of a wide audience in a way that they can relate to it. However, when it comes to results in terms of sales/leads/conversions, Facebook is an option and not a necessity.(Data Source)
The internet giant who has sort of privatized the internet advertisement space. Google has such an intense monopoly in the digital branding game, that if you don’t rank on Google then you might as well close the shop.
A strong Google presence is almost mandatory for any B2B business and one should definitely work on bringing to par (or above if the budget allows) their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website functionality. This enables Google’s crawlers to give such websites higher ratings. The higher the rating, higher the website ranking on Google! Good Google campaigning can drastically increase one’s chances of attracting the right audiences to their website.
If one’s SEO game isn’t too strong, they may go for SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It enables them to run Ads on ‘keywords’, which they feel their prospects are using to search for products and services provided by them. Based on search volumes and budget (and a few other nitty-gritties) one can appear right on top of a Google Search List and one only pays Google when someone clicks on their ad! Based on what your product or service is, you can choose from a bunch of ad extensions and better influence your TG.
We have been providing turnkey Social Media Marketing & SEO services in Pune for a better part of the decade. We have catered to multiple clients of different stature from distinct domains. So we are used to devising a tailored approach for our clients! After 7 years of experience in developing & deploying digital marketing solutions, we can say this to you with an absolute certainty that digital marketing solutions are not of an universal fit. And if you need results, then your marketing efforts must be focused to best suit your business type.


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