Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Digital Marketing: Secret Tactics Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic and Sales

Ever wondered why digital marketing services in India or for that matter in any part of the world have become so fiercely competitive? Well, thanks to the level playing entrepreneurial field, starting a business isn't prohibitive in terms of money and management as it used to be some years ago. But as they say, you can have your cake and eat it too, this has spelled complexity and cut-throat competition for customer acquisition. But you gotta do what you need to do, so here are some secret tactics that will help you grow your traffic and sales.

Tactic #1 Create a sense of community

create a sense of community
The creamy core objective of your business is to obviously make money but what if you could foster a sense of community among your customers/users whilst minting the moolah? We say nothing like it! As a digital marketing company in Pune that has worked closely with over 850 clients to help them generate positive ROI, we know this for a fact that brands that encourage their clients to converse, interact, and share benefit greatly from the camaraderie.
Brands inclining towards forming a community with their audiences can begin by integrating commenting systems on their website by means of FAQs, blog posts, social media comments, etc. For your audiences to affiliate and adopt, you need to extend a warm hand of friendship and stimulate the feeling of belongingness. Show them what you truly care about, connect with them emotionally by listening to their views and demonstrating an unflagging commitment in what things that they are passionate about.

Tactic #2: Invest in video re-marketing

Video remarketing is the new black in the digital realm. It is used as an efficacious tool by marketers these days to boost conversions, attract relevant traffic, and build brand awareness. They are especially useful for brands that have a long sales cycle. We created YouTube video remarketing ads for a popular matrimonial site, Anuroop Vivah Sanstha, to prod visitors down their conversion funnel. And boy, did we do it! The response to those ads was phenomenal.
invest in video re-marketing
We won't bore you with statistics but it is an established fact that people spend a considerable amount of their online time watching videos. Re-engaging customers with video ads is fast becoming a popular format among brands. The trick here is to know till when you want to continue running around the bush (to just talking about your brand/products without impelling viewers to take any action) and when you want to go for the kill.
encourage people to comment on Facebook

Tactic #3: Encourage people to comment on Facebook

Getting your posts to show up on newsfeed was becoming a thing of distant past. Organic content would get buried under mounds of promotional content as that's where Facebook had trained its focus on. But earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be putting more emphasis on 'meaningful interactions'. By meaningful interactions, he meant active interactions where people actually take time to post their comments or reply to comments rather than just like or click through. For this reason why as a brand your goal should be to create content that will make people want to share their opinions. Inane, salesy, and promotional content that doesn't inspire any conversation won't get the screen time they used to.

Tactic #4: Keep tabs on what your competitors are doing

There's more to 'you should keep an eye on your competitors' than meets the eye. You don't monitor the activities of your competitors merely for the fear of lagging behind (though we know that it is a legitimate fear and a driving factor if you want to be at the top of your game), but also to gain insights on the conversational currents that are making rounds in your industry as well as on social media platforms. You are depriving yourself of tons of invaluable data if you aren't using data mining tools and analytics.
Keep tabs on what your competitors are doing

Tactic #5: Show your content's freshness by putting year in your title tag

show your content's freshness by putting year in your title tag
Go to any decent agency offering digital marketing services in Pune, if your aim is to garner a relevant following and establish thought leadership in your industry, they will advise you to focus on your blog and boost your click-through rates. But that is easier said than done. That you must zero in on creating fresh and relevant content is understood but an easy and attention-grabbing way to do this would add the year in your title tag. What is most likely to capture your attention - an article titled "How to launch your business in 2019? or "How to launch your business?". You'd naturally lean towards the latter.
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