Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Difference Between Digital Business and Digital Marketing

Digital Business-vs-Digital-Marketing

The emergence of Information technology has changed the baseline, infrastructure and the operation of businesses across the world, no matter if it is an enterprise or individual. Digital business can be defined as a creation of new and innovative business plans and designs by bridging the gap between virtual platforms and physical world.
Whereas Digital marketing, is an advertisement technique, delivered to the audience via social media, search engines, digital advertisements and applications. Marketing is all about connecting your audience to your brand, product or services, and to do that, you will have to go to the place where your audience actually resides, the internet.
So, putting forth in simple words, Digital business is way to ‘do’ business using digital technologies and relevant platforms, while Digital marketing is to provide your audience, the best taste of what your services will be like, via the internet and mobile technology.
Digital business is meant for interaction and negotiation between business and things. It is now a known fact that things will start acting like an agent themselves and will change the view of perception of business in its opportunities. The way technology is growing has added several values in business models, customer experiences and internal capabilities of a business. The best example is the cab companies, using smartphones, GPS and internet to come up with a disruptive and innovative business model, replacing traditional ways of using luxury transport like taxis and Autos.
Digital marketing is meant for interaction between your target audience and your brand. Emergence of AI has really built a huge scope in digital marketing because of content automation. The cab company’s advertisements you see while surfing the internet (YouTube, social media, other applications or web pages) or through search engines (SEO, SEM) is digital marketing solutions in business.
Doing some departmental work digitally is not Digital business. It is obtained when the managers make a plan solely based on technology and internet. Hence we call it DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, which is use of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES in order to INTEGRATE or CONVERGENCE OF plans and strategies towards digital work space and economy in order to produce HOLISTIC BUSINESS OPTIMISATION techniques.
Digital marketing is pool of tools, applications and platforms to hyper efficiently conduct campaigns to create awareness about brand in order to achieve the market bar set by the team. The tools are encompassed and facilitated by internet in order to have real time interaction with target audience. SEOs, SEMs, social media, marketing through content, copy-writing, Ad-words, PPCs etc. are the implementation techniques of digital marketing.
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