Friday, 8 November 2019


Deven InfoTech believes, partnerships Add Value, Create Opportunities and complement the Strength of our offerings. No one can do everything. Our eco-system promotes the policy of  excellence through collaboration.
We are happy to announce our strategic global partnership with the emerging brand in the IT- healthcare/ pharmaceutical domain – IrisInteractive.
Iris Interactive is an Independent Software Vendor and a leading provider of proven software which can enable companies to better commercialise new products and specifically achieve:
  • Faster launch and market penetration
  • Higher sales
  • Stronger brands
This sophisticated, yet easy to use product commercialisation software has been rolled out to over 1000 staff internationally in 25 countries in pharmaceutical/healthcare companies.
Iris has been in operation for over 12 years and the product is mature and in its fifth generation incorporating feedback from thousands of users based on real situations.
It has been proven to help multi-disciplinary teams including marketing, clinical, R&D and sales professionals, get products to market faster, with higher sales and build stronger brands.
Iris has a proven track record in providing companies with a complete solution that has resulted in over 50% increase in New Product Portfolio value as well as enabling New Products to be launched with speed, efficiency and quality by covering all commercialisation including consumer insights, communication development and Go-to-market.
The software is flexible and adapts easily to incorporate customer requirements thus retaining the competitive edge. Iris has offices in Sydney, Australia and New York, NY.
Deven InfoTech and Iris Interactive have entered into a strategic global partnership to promote IrisInteractive products and services in the Indian market and in turn exploring the US market to promote Deven InfoTech IT Products & services.
Find More Details About IrisInteractive offerings –

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