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Custom Web Design vs WordPress Theme: Which Way to Choose?

Custom Web Design vs. WordPress Theme: Which Way to Choose?
Are you looking for a chance to go online with your brand new website or do you need to update the existing project to make it look more stylish and interactive? Website owners crave for a richer feature set to keep their visitors engaged. Whether you need to build a growing digital store or professional business portfolio, you will firstly need to think about its appearance.
Considering you plan to build your future website on WordPress, which is one of the most popular and longest-running CMS available today, you actually have two different paths to choose from:
  1. The first one is to hire a professional team of developers to create a brand new and unique web design from scratch.
  2. The second way to opt for ready-made WordPress themes representing thousands of responsive templates for any website type and business category.
Both options have obvious hits and misses. The choice will primarily depend on your goals, website complexity, budget, timeframes, and other crucial issues defined by the project. To understand, which path suits you the most, we should identify the two options and clarify the difference.

What Is Custom Built Website?

Custom web design means creating your future website style from scratch. In other words, you will need to hire a team of professionals who will redesign or create a new site and page layouts, animation, visual effects, fonts, etc. Web designers will also implement some of the UI/UX features, create custom forms and elements for the project, ensure website mobile adaptation, and other crucial aspects depending on your requirements or needs.
The approach will work out for business owners who wish to implement a unique and individual approach to customers offering exclusive features and website functionality. At the same time, the process is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Does it really necessary for smaller and simpler projects? Keep on reading the article to find the answer.

What Is the Custom WordPress Theme?

WordPress boasts the biggest hub of themes and templates. Users may opt for thousands of ready-made website layouts despite the niche or business they represent. All WP themes are developed by third-party or independent developers who make templates available for the public after the release.
WordPress ThemesWordPress Themes
Some coders and programmers are ready to share their themes for free. Others introduce premium templates with a richer feature set, more up-to-date design, and other perks for a fixed fee. We will discuss the price a little bit further. All templates are available as a part of the open-source CMS meaning you are free to modify or customize them in case of PHP/CSS coding experience.
Moreover, any WordPress user has a chance to create his or her custom theme with the help of WordPress Codex. It provides a set of useful technical tips and instruments to design a website of your own. Unfortunately, the feature will never work for non-technicians and newbies while opting for ready-made templates is a faster and easier way to deployment.
While both custom build website and WordPress themes serve actually the same goals, this article is to stress the key advantages of both solutions as well as the main downfalls. Which one is better and why? Which path will meet your individual requirements in terms of budget or technical issues? Which one is better for newly established projects as well as for growing business? Let’s try to answer those questions.

Custom Web Design

When implementing custom web design, you actually get a website with features created from blank to meet your specific business goals. A website will feature a unique appearance with custom-made capabilities and functionality that are tested by the team of experienced professionals.
You may implement any form, element or block you want to have more users involved. The solution is good for growing companies and corporations looking for a strong web presence as well as powerful rebranding opportunities.
Custom Web Design Pros:
Custom Web Design Cons:
 Unique Design and Functionality – custom-built websites are developed from the blank canvas. You will define the way it will look like as well as features it might have. None of your niche competitors will have the same site.
 SEO Optimization – SEO is not only about editing URLs and meta descriptions as well as indicating focus keywords. Custom-built sites are more attractive for search engine crawlers. They love unique projects, which means higher SEO rankings in addition to proper content scanning.
 Scalable Projects – a growing business never stops its development. It means you may need a fully-scalable website that provides fast adaptation with the up-to-date technologies ensuring smooth operation. Custom-built websites are more scalable if compared to custom WordPress templates.
 Huge Pricing Tags – hiring a team of custom web designers will literally cost you a fortune. The price may range between thousands and hundreds of thousands depending on the project complexity and features you need to implement. Moreover, get ready to pay more every time you need to update your site as well as add new features or modify existing ones.
 Time-Consuming Process – creating custom-built websites tales much time. The process consists of several stages including stereotyping, development, testing, maintenance, etc. The process may take up to several months. This will never work in case you crave for a fast deployment

WordPress Themes

WP themes are still the best bet for bloggers, small business companies and other website types that do not require extra complexity. There is no need to overpay or wait for weeks in case you want to launch a photographer’s portfolio or a small online store. WordPress themes have everything you might need to serve your goals in terms of customization, adaptation, SEO or content management.
WordPress Themes Pros:
WordPress Themes Cons:
 Low Costs – WP themes are available for users with any budget. You may get a free template and customize it or opt for paid Premium themes that are still 30-50 times cheaper if compared to custom web design.
 Fast Deployment – WP themes do not need any time for development. They come with ready-made layouts. All you need is to handle some baseline settings when getting started, add content, and go online with your ready-to-use website. The entire process will take you not more than a couple of hours.
 Great for Newbies – no special skills or knowledge are required to work with WP themes. However, if you still want to get involved in PHP/CSS editing, templates will provide you with such an opportunity.
 Flexibility – the range of themes is growing each month. Users may pick the one that suits their business and other needs. All templates refer to various categories from eCommerce, healthcare and B&B niche to eating out, portfolios, landing pages, one-page sites, and more.
 Most Templates Look the Same – once the template has got public, any user is free to download it and customize. It means that your template may be used by thousands of website owners across the world. You should not expect design exclusiveness to stand out. On the other hand, users have enough tools and plugins to customize the existing layout.
 Minimum Support – creating WP websites means you are actually on your own with millions of users like you sharing their experience on topical forums. This is actually the only source of info in addition to some independent video guides on YouTube while custom-built sites consider developers support on each stage of the development process.
Some may also say WP themes come with limited SEO optimization capabilities. The problem may be solved using different plugins. Moreover, we may come across numerous websites built on WP custom themes that have reached the top.

Which Way to Choose?

25% of all websites on the web are built using WP themes. This fact proves that WP templates still work whenever you need to establish a solid online representation. Moreover, they fit users with any budget while custom web design is for those who ready to pay thousands of dollars. Let’s take a look at price tags and development costs.

WP Custom Theme Price

As we have stated before, users with limited budgets may opt for free templates in order to build a website at zero cost. The key problem is that practically all free themes have basically the same structure and typical layouts with no exclusive features to stand out in addition to thousands and millions of downloads. It means you will need to customize it somehow or have the website that looks the same as millions of others.
Premium and paid templates might be a good solution to this problem. They come with a more engaging design, up-to-date visual effects, different page layouts, and overall site structure. If you decide to choose a premium theme, it may cost you from $30 to $300. For that money, you get improved stability in addition to enhanced flexibility.

Custom Built Website Cost

Hiring a team of web designers is a much more expensive approach. You get a team of professionals who know all the latest graphical concepts and UI/UX trends as well as have a bunch of instruments to bring to life any design idea.
Experienced web designers use various graphic software as well as prototyping platforms not only to create a website structure but also to test how the features work and ensure the project’s smooth operation. The service is far from being cheap:
  • Hiring a full-cycle design agency will cost you from $3,000-$5,000 for a simple website with minimum ages and no special features.
  • A Fully functional website with options you need will cost you from $10,000.
  • Complicated projects start from $20,000 and higher.
Do not forget about website maintenance and support. You will need to pay for that separately. Moreover, further modifications or upgrades, which will be necessary at some point of the business development, will also cost you at least several hundred.
Of course, you may hire freelancers and cut down on web design expenses. However, working with freelancers comes with the lack of guarantees. You are responsible for all risks that refer to qualification, service quality, and other crucial issues.


While more and more sites appear on the web each day, there is always a place for custom web design. The option is the only chance for huge companies and well-established corporations to stand out. However, it makes no sense for smaller companies or individuals with simpler projects who only get started.
WP themes deliver a full set of features you may need from the start as well as to grow. They do not require any technical skills and are perfect for newbies. Users may save time and money, which might be a crucial factor for some companies.
Website builders appear to be another way to go online that is worth mentioning. Designed to help newbies create sites with zero technical knowledge in minutes, advanced software delivers ease of use thanks to WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop functionality, super easy integration, ready-made responsive templates packed with relevant features and add-ons. What is more important, website builders come as an all-in-one solution without the need to manage hosting, domain or security separately.
Simply choose the path that suits you the most and go online with your professional website!

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