Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is it?

Every site needs traffic and the most integral aim behind any site is to gain optimum traffic. The purpose behind gathering traffic is nothing but getting as high ROI as possible. But when the traffic which is gathering at your website is not doing what you aimed at initially, unfortunately it is not being converted to any profit. This is the place when CRO comes into the picture.
CRO, also known as Conversion Rate Optimisation, is a method by which user feedback and analytics is used to improve the existing performance of a website. Fundamentally, if you own a website, CRO will be your tool to figure out what the users are looking for whenever they are visiting your site. Based on the KPI you are trying to improve; CRP can be of many forms.

Why is it important?

There are more than one reasons to give importance to CRO for your site. Generally, you tend to pay for attracting the maximum traffic to your website. Thus, it becomes an indispensable part of your website to make sure that the conversion rate as much as possible. The more conversion that happens on your website, it rewards you with equal ROI based on that. It also becomes cost effective as the existing traffic becomes engaged and you do not need to pay for attracting new visitors to your website.

How to build an ideal CRO?

For maximizing CRO on your website, it is advisable to implement CRO historically. The process should begin with keeping the audience persona in mind. It is so because you will soon find out that several adjustments and customizations are essential to convert your audience of a different persona.
The next step is to find out the hierarchy of conversion that has taken place before and identify the ultimate conversion that has led towards the maximum return. It is essential to test everything right from the web page design, the psychology of your visitors behind visiting your page to the copy writing of your website.
There are a lot of CRO tools freely available in the market and it might be tempting to try out and experiment with any of them. But, it will be a wiser decision to consider all the points before zeroing to one particular method to be sure about your maximum ROI. Hence, though a little tricky, CRO is a tool for website owners which can take their traffic and conversion to new heights.
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