Friday, 22 November 2019

Content Marketing Tips On Social Media


Content marketing is surely capturing a lot of attention. Today’s digital marketing environment facilitates a lot of channels of distribution which allow specific content to reach specific readers.

The cost of content marketing seems to be much cheaper compared to the cost of outbound marketing.

According to the DRW

Below are the Some Important Tips For Content Marketing

1.Ask yourself this Before you start.Why Should Someone Follow you or your Brand on Social Media?Define the purpose.

2.Don’t Compromise on Great Designs and Videos. Creativity Inspires People on Social Media. It Helps you define your class.

3.You Sell What You Show! So, show things in style. Invest in Great Product Photography and Videography. Quality Visuals helps you stay distinguished.

4.Don’t use too much of content on your images, Unless Its an Info-graphic. Visuals matter more than text. Facebook works on 20% text rule- which means 80% of the image, 20% of the text.

5.Gone are those days where 60 posts a month mattered on Facebook. Today, It is all about a few amazing posts and how you sell them

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