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As technology takes a step ahead almost every day, our requirements have considerably increased. The most important of all is reaching out to the people at the precise moment of needs & being aware of the ongoing market trends.
For better understanding, consider yourself a merchant of a good.  You want to reach out to your customers exactly when they need your product the most. In order to do so you need to be aware about your customers & understand their needs, only then you can convince your customers to purchase your product.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining pace with the rising competition in the market along with the urge of outstretching to an audience. It’s done with the help of the electronic mail as means of communication.
As most of the internet users across the globe check their emails on a regular basis, email marketing can be used as an effective marketing strategy. All you need to do is think of reaching out to your customers.
Sarv is there to take care about the rest for you. You can reach out to millions & that too in just a minute.
Here are a few factors to consider that will make up your mind for email marketing:
Cost: The cost involved in email marketing is minimal as compared to other methods available in the market. This is the reason; it has proven itself to be most effective marketing strategy.
Success and Flexibility: One of Hollywood’s greatest composers David Newman said, “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches”.
E-mail is the most flexible way of reaching out to a large number of customers. These customers can be existing as well as potential. The key is to catch up at the right time.
Growing business through the medium of e-mails can be a great step towards the growing competition. While it is important to reach out to the customers at once, it is equally momentous to provide customer centric mails. Where the concept of numbers or bulk ends, that is the time when transaction e-mails come into play.
Sarv email marketing

Transactional Email

Transactional emails can be ranked as those e-mails that are customer specific. For example when someone confirms an order on your website, the customer expects a confirmation mail regarding the purchase.
Transaction e-mails are used in situations like this. Other tasks such as greeting e-mail or personal verification e-mail, signing up e-mails. Your customer will receive their transaction mails within seconds just after the purchase.
Sarv has been felicitated by 2016 Great User Experience Award for intuitiveness and code-free customization along with prestigious 2016 Rising Star Award for the category of Finances online marketing. The award for the rising star has been earned by Sarv, as a result of its innovativeness and the capacity to build up its reputation in a short period of time in the ever competing market.
transactional email report

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS refers to dissemination of a large number of sms to the mobile phones of your existing or potential prospects. It helps you communicate, interact and transact with your target audience.
Basically, it provides a wider perspective to reach your audience. Sarv provides you an edge, if you are planning to use bulk SMS for your business.  More than a million sms can reach their destinations, all within a matter of clicks and blink of the eye.
Even before you catch a deep breath, your audience will already be viewing your sms. It will help your brand stand out in the market along with providing you the facility to download a summary of your campaigns in quick and easy steps.
The facility to send sms in regional languages along with anywhere on the globe at the same time is ultimately cherry on the cake.
bulk SMS benefits

Missed Call Alert Service

The missed call alert service lets you grab your subscribers in just a ring. It is basically an application that lets you capture all call attempts when a subscriber is unreachable. This can provide wonderful opportunities by recognizing potential leads for your business.
The integration of missed call alert service with communication media like IVRS/SMS takes you one step ahead with technology & provides you a one stop solution for all your Next Gen-communication issues.
There are a wide number of channels that make sure that each & every call is given proper attention along with an advance system to send auto-replies. The network is high class & one of the unparalleled things, provided in missed call alert service.
missed call service benefits

Toll Free Service

You might be familiar to this term even if you are a new business in the market. Toll free services are used to handle sales call, polls, subscriptions, accounts, & surveys in various companies.
With an increase in the market competition it is easy to spot companies switching to technologies like Toll free that help save a lot of money for a business. It also attracts leads from various sources as your potential prospects do not have to spend a single penny while making a call to you.
But you might ask, “What’s different with Sarv?” We don’t charge a single penny for initial setup & provide a 100% return call value on your toll free number.
toll free service
You can sit relaxed & all you need to do is pay as per your usage, moving along your journey. And paying is even easier than browsing. Adding funds could never have been easier with just two clicks.
Sarv believes in the growth of business holders. Your position in the market can be improved by being aware of the latest marketing trends like these.

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