Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Compelling Reasons Why You Need To Go For Website SEO Audit

Remember that assignment where you were asked to do a SWOT analysis so that you knew the areas that you needed to work on and where all you need to channelize your energy into. The website SEO audit is the digital extension of that idea. It's truly liberating to know where you stand—by knowing your website's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat you can throw open the door to a better, faster, and healthier online presence. As an SEO company in Pune with over 19 years of experience—if our opinion and advice counts then here's what we think—every company whether big or small with a website must go an SEO audit.
An SEO audit can happen at any point in time—whether you are launching a new website or migrating it or planning to go for a design overhaul. But it's crucial that your website gets scanned and thoroughly vetted for indispensable improvements. Many don't realize its seriousness as a result of which the website loses its ranking, exposure, and traffic. We are sure you don't want that.
But if you are still not convinced about going for a website SEO audit, here are some important reasons that will make you realize its significance—
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Reason #1: It tells you how good or bad your website fares in speed

We have had clients reach out to us with questions like they have invested a pretty good amount in designing their website but it still isn't giving them the desired traffic let alone driving conversions. Upon conducting the website audit, which is our default first step—more often than not, we have found the culprit to be the speed. You may have mind-boggling content and beautiful videos and rich images but that won't be of any relevance or consequence if your visitors don't stay long on your website to see them! Poor speed means performance which in turn suggests poor UX.
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Reason #2: It indicates how well or poorly your content is being received by the visitors

The entire existence of your website depends on the quality of your content. Both users and search engines have an affinity for websites that have clear, relevant, and informational content. There have been times where we have encountered websites with too little content and other times with content that's too lengthy to hold the visitors' interest. An SEO website audit will point you to the format of content that is being received well by the visitors as well as the search engines. It will also indicate content formats that have caused you to lose traffic and ranking.

Reason #3: It points out the areas that need simplification

It's one thing to have a complex website laden with design elements, text, and too much functionality and another thing to be able to provide ease of use and interest people. We have seen websites that took "more is more" a tad too seriously and ended up not fascinating their visitors as they would have liked it too Search engines, like humans, crave simplicity. An SEO website audit will point you to areas that are screaming to be simplified.
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Reason #4: It will show you how in or out of sync you are with the latest SEO regulations

If there's one thing in this world that is sure to evolve like clockwork, without fail—it has to be SEO practices and algorithms. They are constantly changing and it goes without saying that if you fail to embrace those new rollouts, you basically prevent your own growth. What gave you the best results a year ago will not hold water anymore. A website SEO audit is essential as it will tell you what's new and what that means for your website's performance and health.

Reason #5: It will shed light on how discoverable your website is

Do you see those websites that require visitors to download Adobe Flash? We hope your website doesn't do that! Not only does it cast an unpleasant first impression but it is also difficult for the search engine crawlers' interpretation. The whole idea of SEO is to get your website under the radar of Google and other important search engine crawlers' attention. The conduit that helps your website become discoverable is site architecture. It has to be well-organized with a proper URL structure so that it can help crawlers make sense of your website that will, in turn, help users find it.
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