Thursday, 7 November 2019


In the current scenario of everything and anything digitalization, which person of a business house is in high demand? Yes, you have guessed it right. Chief Information Officer (CIO) has undoubtedly emerged as a clear winner. But remember, everything comes with a price. The lucrative post of CIO carries a huge responsibility, especially after the marketing has become more dependent on digital media. A proficient CIO is expected to wonders within the allocated budget and timeframe. “This is a very tough job indeed” exclaims a professional of a reputed digital marketing agency, India. But what exactly demands the status of super hero for CIO. Let us analyze.
Open the data vault: With more focus on digitalization in all avenues of business cycle, right from marketing to shipping, it is necessary for transparency of customer info among all the concerned employees. With the help of data pertaining to previous purchases, all the employees associated can know the likes and dislikes of the customer. For example, a customer has returned back a product, manufactured by a company ‘X’. If the details of feedback or customer interactions pertaining to this return transaction is not made available to the marketing department, there exists a possibility of sales professional promoting another product of company ‘X’ to the same customer and don’t mistake us, it is bound to be a sure shot backfire. This calls for connected information across all the departments and each and every CIO is expected to execute the same and present an effective digital system based on the increasing objectives of the business.
Internal first: CIOs concentrating solely on the social media technology for the betterment of customer experience and neglecting the internal need of improving the skill sets of employees are bound to pay the price. With customers expecting real time problem solving capabilities, this necessitates the concerned employees across departments to have access to all sorts of tools and resources. The future of a CIO relies strictly on his ability to device a comprehensive road map for the betterment of knowledge sharing through both internal and external social tools and technologies.
Reshaping the skill sets: Finally, the most important job of the CIO is to bring out the employees across all departments from the shackles of age old technologies and infuse fresh air into their mind. Sharing of knowledge with social media perspective may help the staff to have hands-on experience of relevant resources and provide better results of digital customer interaction and service. The above argument may sound absurd, but the reality of the present day digital world expects or rather demands it.
All it requires for the implementation of these ideas are persistent efforts and ability to visualize the need for effective team performance. Nothing else!  Technooyster, a renowned digital marketing company in Pune, are confident that these measures of digital transformation and collaboration can uplift the performance of the employees and ofcourse bring laurels to their employers through seamless and blissful experiences of customers.

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