Monday, 11 November 2019

Business Blogging Tips – Generate Leads, Engage Visitors, Be a Thought Leader

Blogging for Business

This post is a part of our series on “Website Must Haves”.
In our previous post on SEO, we spoke about the importance of having indexable content on your website. The primary benefit of maintaining a business blog is to drive traffic via authoritative, distinguishable content. Today, we will discuss some business blogging tips – making a case for why startups, small businesses, or established companies should focus on content creation via blog posts.
According to a survey by HubSpot, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors. Moreover B2C & B2B companies generate 88%, 67% more leads/month respectively than those who don’t.  This marketing data clearly delineates that blogging is a critical component of new age Inbound marketing methodology.

Let us look at some areas of marketing where a blog can bring visibility or drive leads for your business
Blogs Propel SEO
The more blogs you publish, the more indexed pages you generate for search engine crawlers.  In order to generate content for blogs, one must have a well-defined blogging strategy. This involves creating a blog editorial calendar for your team and researching topics that would be of interest for your consumers.  Here are some tips for generating quality blog articles that would drive traffic:
  • Research blog topics: Before you start blogging, make a list of relevant topics that might be of interest for your potential customer. This can be achieved via brainstorming with your colleagues, curating content from various other well-known industry websites / blogs or repackaging internal company content as a blog.
  • Post frequently: Frequency of publishing blog posts matters from the perspective of generating fresh content and being relevant to current market trends. The more frequently you blog, the more chances you have of ranking in search engines.
  • Optimize your blogs:  Make sure your have optimized your post for Search Engines.  Include your focus keywords within the blog post URL, once in the title tag, once in the H1 tag, and two or three times at the start of the blog post (within the copy). For tips on SEO, you can refer to our previous post on Website Must Haves – SEO.

A company blog establishes you as a thought leader
Your company blog is a long-term marketing asset that introduces you as a thought leader in your industry and allows you to earn people’s trust.
Establishing you as a thought leader can position your business as a problem solver. By addressing consumer pain points in your blog posts, you can solve your customers problems.
Moreover, your company blog provides top executives and managers to showcase their expertise on a particular subject. This helps you leverage your company’s talent to the fullest and distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Blogs help you drive leads and nurture them
Most conspicuously, blogs provide your business valuable real-estate to cross promote other marketing assets – for e.g. one can place relevant call-to-actions that drive readers to download eBooks, case studies, Inforgraphics, watch videos or read premium blog posts. This content can be gated via landing pages, thus enabling your business to generate leads.

Some tips for utilizing your blog as a lead generation machine:
  • Contextually targeted CTA’s (call-to-actions) – Ensure that you are matching the blog content with a relevant marketing offer i.e. a blog post on SEO could have a call-to-action to download an eBook for SEO best practices.
  • Linking content within blog posts – One must hyperlink important words within blog articles and link them to other sections of the website. This is helpful for user who are looking for similar / detailed content on the linked word. Contextual CTAs / banners can also be placed at the start, middle or end of your blog article.
  • CTA’s in your blog sidebar – Choose a blog template that allows you to customize sidebars. As a business, you can cross-promote products, services or other marketing offers on your sidebar. Real-estate on your sidebar can also be used to generate newsletter / blog subscription sign-ups.


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