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Building an Event Website

Whether you are involved into event organization on a daily basis or just plan a one-time event for your friends or family, a website may become a helpful tool to collect the most important info all in one place. An event website is a stunning medium to inform your guests about the details of it, promote it on the web and discuss the most burning issues.
This is the best place to showcase the topic of your event, enlist the guests invited, get in touch with the target audience, promote your brand, analyse users’ needs and preferences, ask and answer the questions and encourage users to participate in it.
How can you launch a website, if your web design skills are far from ideal? Modern platforms make it possible to launch and manage innovative, full-featured and stylish websites with no programming knowledge or web design expertise at all.
To help you choose the right service, we have reviewed some of the best website builders and CMS for you to outline their strong and weak points as well as sphere of application. Read on our detailed guide to find out how to create an event website from scratch either with a website builder or with a CMS.

Building an Event Website Using Website Builders

Website builders have currently gained worldwide popularity and not in vain. These services are intentionally developed with the needs of inexperienced users in mind and may notably simplify the process of website creation. One of the undeniable benefits of website builders is their cost-efficacy as these platforms offer a variety of pricing plans to fit different budgets. Whatever website builder you will select to start an event website, the plan will be approximately the following:
  1. Select a platform.
  2. Explore pricing options and choose a suitable plan.
  3. Sign up for the system.
  4. Browse the template collection to select and customize the best theme.
  5. Adjust SEO settings.
  6. Publish the website.
With such a precise, brief and understandable plan, it may initially seem that designing a project with a website builder is impressingly simple. However, as you get closer to the web development process, you may encounter multiple nuances that might complicate the task. Thus, consider the following nuances prior to selecting the service and one of the plans it offers:
  • Explore the Features of the Platform. The majority of popular website builders offer free trials or even have free plans that let you explore the entire feature set of the service. Don’t overlook this opportunity, if you intend to get a platform that will work best for your event website. Take your time to compare several systems to get the best one;
  • Select Suitable Templates. Website builders generally offer decent template collections, but you should still look for the one, which comes up to your event better than others.
  • Integration Options. Functionality of website builders may be quite extensive, but there are still platforms, which come with rich integration options. They offer lots of effective widgets, plugins and add-ons, which can bring your event website functionality and design to the top notch level.
  • SEO Promotion. It makes sense to select websites, which provide good SEO parameters. By filling out the settings, you can effectively promote your event website on the web.
  • Cost. The cost of using website builders may vary a lot, depending upon the audience they target, the pricing plans they offer and the terms they imply. Paid subscriptions generally encompass free hosting, domain name choice, templates and the use of some advanced tools. To decide on the most suitable plan, you should know for sure what exactly you expect to avail from your event website.
Consideration of the above mentioned nuances matters a lot, when it comes to the choice of the best website builder to launch and manage an event website. Let’s have a look at the reviews of the most popular and functional website builders now to know what web design needs they cover and what exactly you can avail, when using them.

5 Best Website Builders for an Event Website

Among the major benefits of website builders, it makes sense to mention their intuitive editors and rich selection of design customizations tools, widgets, extensions, add-ons and other integration options. Thus, you don’t need to have good command of programming knowledge to handle the web design process in the best way possible.

1. Wix

Wix website builder
Wix – is a high-end all-in-one website builder, which allows creating quality and easy-to-manage event websites with no coding background at all. It is also known for an extensive selection of features, tools, reasonable pricing and design selection options.

Wix Features:

  • Ease of Use. The system offers a Standard Editor for those, who wish to manually design their projects. There is also a Mobile Editor, which lets you create mobile versions of your event website. This matters a lot for contemporary users, who frequently browse websites from their mobile devices.
  • WIX ADI. The AI-based tool will automatically design a website for you based on the template preferences and features you’d like to see in your project. Just post answers to the questions the system generates and watch the way it creates a decent event website for you.
  • Wix App Store. Widgets and extensions available in Wix App Store will boost your website performance. You can choose between free and paid integrable options that will become a perfect addition to your event website (Wix Pro Gallery, Calendar, MailChimp, Wix Events, Event Viewer, Lumifish Timeline, Event Calendar, Sell Tickets, Countdown Timer, Eventbrite, Book Appointments Online, Songkick, Meetup, Wix Bookings, Wix Photo albums and what not).
  • Forum and Blogging Options. Adding a blog or a forum (or both of them) will make your event website more functional and user-friendly. This is the best way to get in touch with your customers, find out their thoughts and initiate discussions.

Wix Design

Offering more than 550 high quality templates available in dozens of thematic categories, Wix stands out from the crowd among its niche competitors. There is a separate Events template section here that encompasses the following subcategories: Weddings and Celebrations, Conferences and Meetups, Event Production and Venues.
Wix Event Templates
The templates are mobile-friendly and 100% customizable. You can create any website layout, redesign the existing structure, upload your own content and perform other actions. There is also an opportunity to create a mobile website version here and preview the way your project will look on desktop and mobile devices.

Wix Pricing

The website builder has a free lifelong plan, which is a good choice for beginners and well as for users, who wish to practice their web design skills or explore the feature set of the system. The plan, however, has certain restrictions like the amount of available disk storage space or bandwidth. This may not be enough to bring a large-scale project online.
To publish and promote a full-featured website, you’ll have to choose one of the paid subscriptions Wix offers. These include Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans. Their cost ranges from $4.50 for the cheapest plan and up to $24.50 for the most expensive option.
Summing Up: Wix is the best event website builder, which is designed for newbies and web design pros and enables them create high quality projects with minimum time and effort investment.
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2. uKit

uKit website builder
uKit – is a website builder, which has initially been created to launch small business websites. The popularity of the system as well as a set of features it offers have made it possible to use uKit for a variety of web building purposes. Launching event websites is not an exception. The website builder is flexible enough to cover an array of your web design needs, ensuring safe, easy and quick website development process.

uKit Features:

  • Ease-of-Use. Customizing websites with the uKit is interesting and simple – just select and adjust the blocks, upload your own content, add media files and watch the result.
  • Integration Options. uKit offers multiple integration options, which can not only ensure decent result, but also contribute to effective promotion of your event website. Among the widgets, tools and add-ons you can integrate into your website, it makes sense to mention popular Vimeo, Analytics, SoundCloud, Google Maps and what not.
  • Customer Interaction Options. Live Chat and Callback widgets are those elements that will help you stay in touch with your website visitors, reacting to their inquiries and questions on time. This boosts customer engagement rate and helps your build customer base.

uKit Design

The number of templates currently exceeds 400 themes and lots of new ones are being added to the collection on a regular basis. This is where you will find quality templates for your event website. All of them are responsive by default, which means that they fit well all types of desktop and mobile devices.
uKit Event Templates
Each template comes with pre-designed content you can customize to your liking. What’s important, you can switch the templates while working on your event website development. This matters a lot for non-techies and lets you fix the mistakes on any stage of the web design process.

uKit Pricing

uKit is by far one of the most affordable small business website builders. Its 14-day trial period makes it possible to check out all the features of the system to decide on the most suitable plan.
As to the paid subscriptions, the website builder offers four plans, namely Premium, Premium+, eCommerce and Pro. Their cost ranges from $4 per month for the cheapest subscription and up to $15 per month for the most costly offer.
Summing Up: uKit is a decent website builder, which encompasses exceptional ease-of-use, convenience, functionality and ensures simple, fast and effective web design process by creating convenient web building environment suitable for newbies and web masters.
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3. Bizzabo

Bizzabo Event Software
Bizzabo – is a specialized event website builder, which empowers organizers to create full-featured and visually-appealing event websites. The system comes with niche-specific functionality, which makes it possible to implement event-related features and options into your project. This is literally one of the best event management software solutions, which also includes a mobile app, contact management, event marketing, analytics and website promotion tools.

Bizzabo Features:

  • Website Management Module. The system has a module, which covers the major event management features most users need. These include user sign up option, ticketing, event website management as well as on site digital check in.
  • Mobile App. The system was initially created as a mobile application, but it further developed into a niche website builder. Thus, it offers an opportunity to create mobile website versions to provide an immersive web design experience.
  • User Engagement. When it comes to social media and networking interfacing, Bizzabo provides strong features that make it stand out from the crowd (creation of live polls and surveys, audience response systems are only a few examples).
  • Powerful Marketing Tools. The website builder offers a set of marketing tools, including a promo code generator, email marketing option, deep social media integration etc. This is done to boost user engagement rate and effective website promotion.
  • Analytics System. Bizzabo has a flexible analytics system, which provides detailed data on how to measure your event website performance and analyze the results you’ve availed. The system allows looking through ticket sales analysis, cross referencing info, data from previous events and more.
  • Embeddable Widgets. The service provides a rich choice of widgets you can further embed into your project to give it better performance (the selection of widgets ranges from ticketing to agenda and networking elements).
  • Push Notifications. The system generates real-time push notifications to keep your audience aware of all the news and updates on time.

Bizzabo Design

Being a specialized event website builder, Bizzabo boasts an extensive collection of high quality responsive templates that come up to various occasions and events. The templates are fully customizable, while a convenient drag-and-drop editor of the service makes it simpler to design a polished project.
Proficient web developers will appreciate an opportunity to integrate and edit HTML/CSS codes to create unique website design. Whatever template you will go for, you’ll have an opportunity to update it on the go from any device you have at hand.

Bizzabo Pricing

Bizzabo doesn’t offer a free plan. This is a paid system, the plans of which are quite expensive yet full-featured. The service currently offers three subscriptions, such as Planner, Pro and Elite plans.
The cost of the cheapest plan starts with $8000 per year. The cost of the plan depends upon the number of registrants, user accounts, events you plan to create, integrations and customer support options. All the plans, however, encompass branded event assets for better website promotion (these include SSL Certification, customized event URLs, dedicated email domain connection and what not).
Summing Up: Bizzabo is one of the most popular and functional website builders, which makes it possible to create and sell tickets for various occasions, organize event communities, create mobile website versions, launch event apps, use networking and marketing tools, publish reports and dashboard for effective success management.

4. Ucraft

Ucraft website builder
Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, which comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor, advanced design customization tools and excellent responsive templates. The system will work best for creatives as well as for small-to-mid event business owners, who decide to bring their brands online and present them to the target audience in the most favorable light.

Ucraft Features:

  • eCommerce Engine. The service has a powerful eCommerce engine, which allows creating different types of online stores and eCommerce projects. This may be a good addition to your event website.
  • Multilingual Support. The system offers an opportunity to create several language versions of your event website for better interaction with foreign clients and involvement of international partners.
  • Designer Tools. A collection of unique Ucraft Designer Tools (Typography, UI Kit, Layout) allows adding a unique designer touch to your event website, highlighting its visual appeal and major mission.
  • Free Landing Page Creator. With Ucraft, you can launch a well-structured free landing page to showcase your events and encourage users to join them.
  • Logo Maker. Logo creation and further integration can make your event organization business stand out from the crowd, beating niche competitors. This is a surefire way to let your customers memorize your company logo to distinguish it from lots of other variants available on the web.

Ucraft Design

Ucraft comes with a decent collection of responsive templates, which are intentionally subdivided into categories based on the topics they cover. There is a separate Events Template section, where you can select and customize a theme that suits your industry most of all.
Ucraft Event Templates
Likewise, you can browse other template categories to choose and edit the themes you like – the assortment will surprise you. No coding or preliminary design experience are needed to create unique event websites with Ucraft – so intuitive, simple and convenient the system is.

Ucraft Pricing

Ucraft lets you create stunning landing pages at no cost at all. This is one of the major highlights of the system. To cover other web building needs, the website builder additionally offers four paid plans.
The cost of subscriptions starts with $8 per month for the least expensive plan and ranges up to $76 per month for the most costly plan with advanced feature set. To check out the features of each plan, you can test it for free during 14 days of the no-obligation free trial.
Summing Up: Ucraft is a website builder, which deserves to be called a worthy web building solution due to a set of responsive templates, advanced designer tools, free landing page creator, logo maker, blog connection and other options make the service recognizable among its major competitors.
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5. EventCreate

EventCreate Website Builder
EventCreate – is a specialized event website builder, which is trusted by thousands of the top event planners around the world. Covering a broad spectrum of event website planning needs and offering multiple features that are a must for this type of project, the platform allows creating top notch websites to showcase lots of high end events.

EventCreate Features:

  • Ease-of-Use. The website builder makes it easy to set up and manage effective, functional, professionally-looking and visually-attractive websites in minutes with no coding skills required.
  • Multi-Purpose. The system makes it possible to create a quality website for any event you are planning, be it a wedding, a meeting, a conference/seminar, an exhibition, a party, a workshop/class, a non-profit event/fundraiser, a trip/retreat, a festival and what not. Just select the type of event you’re planning and start building your website.
  • Email Invitations. As soon as your website is ready, you can create, customize and send simple and engaging email invitations to guests you plan to see at your event. The service comes with a set of pre-designed features to make the invitations really impressive (delivery tracking, automatic reminders, bulk guest list upload etc.).
  • Versatile Website Promotion Options. If you don’t wish to get involved into email marketing, you can promote your website in a variety of other ways, including partner site promotion, SEO, social sharing, embedding buttons on other websites, referrals etc.
  • Integrated Event Planning Tools. While planning your upcoming event, you can make use of integrated tools, such as ticket selling, credit card acception, quick completion of registration forms that come with multiple custom questions etc.

EventCreate Design

EventCreate template collection encompasses stunning event website templates, which are hand-crafted by the design team of the service. You can quickly and effortlessly add content, integrate apps and widgets, customize layouts, backgrounds and fonts, import videos and images to modify the design, even if you are not a web design pro.
EventCreate Templates
No coding skills or web design expertise are needed to cope with the task on your own – just browse the template collection and select the theme you’d like to customize. The themes are 100% customizable and responsive.

EventCreate Pricing

EventCreate is known for its simple and affordable pricing policy. Whatever plan you are interested in, you can always test its feature set in advance without any payments, commitments or catches.
The system generally offers three plans, namely Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The first two plans come with a free 7-day trial, while their cost constitutes $9 and $29 per month. As to the cost of the Enterprise plan, you should contact the customer support team.
Summing Up: EventCreate is a quality industry-specific website builder, which boasts rich feature set and works great for the development of different types of event websites, ranging from simple landing pages and up to full-featured projects.

Building an Event Website Using CMS

Content Management Systems (or CMS) are more complicated as compared to standard website builders. At the same time, they are more full-featured and require deeper learning curve to be used to the advantage. If you feel that your web design skills are enough to launch an event website with a CMS, you are welcome to do that.
Mind, however, that the process will take more time and effort, but the result will certainly be worth that.
The very process of building an event website with a CMS is more challenging as it implies several stages, namely:
  • Hosting Choice. While standard website builders come with integrated free hosting, CMS mostly imply the necessity to select a host provider on your own. To do that with maximum efficacy, make sure to browse several options to find out the terms and cost of the plans offered.
  • Domain Name Selection. Just like you have to choose a website host, you’ll need to select a domain name for it. Make sure to get the one, which is unique, remarkable, comparatively short and easy-to-remember. It’s recommended to mention your brand name, event specialization or other website-specific parameter that matter for potential visitors.
  • CMS Installation. Whatever CMS you will go for, you’ll have to install it first. The very process of program installation is not quite difficult, but this also depends upon the system you will select and its specific characteristics.
  • Website Creation and Customization. To start editing your website, you should select or upload a template and reach the dashboard offering a set of web editing tools. By using them, you can integrate extra plugins and modules, add and format texts, modify design settings and perform other actions that imply the awareness of web design nuances and technical skills.
  • Website Publication. To make your website accessible on the web, you should publish it after it’s completed.
Mind, however, that template and plugin integration is not an easy task. This is not because you should do this manually. This is because extra plugins are not altogether safe sometimes and you should watch the updates to keep your event website working smoothly.

3 Best CMS Platforms for Event Websites

When selecting the best CMS platform, don’t hurry to get the very first system you come across. With such an extensive selection of these services, it’s a must to make a profound research and explore all the options popular CMS offer. The platforms reviewed below are included into the list of the most popular Content Management Systems that are worth the attention of event organizers looking for decent web building alternatives.

1. WordPress

WordPress website builder
WordPress – is a popular CMS, which has always been and still remains in demand with users. The system was initially created for blog creation yet quickly developed into an all-in-one web building solution. The service has been around for years, due to what its feature set and functionality have notably expanded. The use of WordPress requires a certain degree of HTML/CSS knowledge as you won’t go without plugin and template integration, if you intend to launch a large-scale event website with the system.

WordPress Features:

  • Convenience and Ease-of-Use. Even though, WordPress is a CMS, it is still somewhat less complicated as compared to other systems of this type. This especially concerns its editing options. Even if your web design skills are far from ideal and there is no drag-and-drop editor here, you can still learn the basics of using the system to further use them to upload videos and images to the system library, modify settings and perform some other actions.
  • Integration Options. WordPress comes with extensive plugin integration options. There are many free and paid plugins and extensions available on the web, which will work great for your event website. Here are some of the best examples: All-in-One Event Calendar, Events Manager, Event Organiser, WP Event Manager, Event Espresso 4 Decaf, Calendarize it! For WordPress, My Calendar, EventOn, Modern Events Calendar etc.

WordPress Design

The system has a collection of built-in event templates, but there are also dozens of them available online. You can download and install free and paid themes, but make sure to check their safety and quality first. Whatever template you will go for, you’ll still need to customize it to give it unique look. This is where coding skills will come in handy to you.

WordPress Pricing

The CMS is absolutely free for everyone. You don’t have to pay for downloading, installing and using the system. However, get ready to invest into domain name, hosting, premium templates and paid plugins. This is a must, if you wish to launch a decent website that won’t be posed to risk of being affected by unsafe integrations and will help you effectively promote your event website.
Summing Up: When it comes to building event websites, WordPress is worth the attention of users, who have good command of programming skills and are ready to invest more effort and time into website creation.
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2. Joomla

Joomla CMS
Joomla – is a CMS, which ranks second after WordPress in terms of popularity, functionality and convenience. The system was founded over 13 years ago and it works great for the development of different types of projects. Event websites are not an exception. The service is mostly based on the use of SQL and PHP databases. It’s not quite simple to edit and update website content here, which triggers the need to learn complex coding basics.

Joomla Features:

  • Easy Set Up. Just like any other CMS, Joomla requires preliminary download and installation. It’s easy to install the system – just activate the download button and wait until the system will be installed on your computer. Even a newbie will cope with this easy task.
  • Administration Panel. This is the place, where you can find lots of features, tools and settings, the use of which makes the web building process intuitive and convenient for everyone. To work with the panel, however, you’ll have to explore and get used to it first. This may be a problem for beginners.
  • Out-of-the-Box Plugins. Joomla script unveils an opportunity to choose between hundreds of plugins provided out-of-the-box. They are available on the homepage of the service. One of the benefits of the system is that there is no need to select plugins and widgets for each feature you plan to add – all the required elements are always at hand.

Joomla Design

Joomla template collection is quite extensive, but it notably differs from those themes most users have got used to. The templates are compatible with desktop and mobile devices and they come with a specific plugin ecosystem. In other words, you will require integration of new plugins and models for effective web page customization.
One of the system’s template-related demerits is the necessity to compile your own theme collection as it doesn’t include a unique centralized template directory.

Joomla Pricing

Joomla is a free CMS. Just like wordPress, though, it requires integration of premium templates and modules needed to extend the website performance. Apart from that, you’ll have to take care of hosting and domain name for your event website.
Summing Up: Joomla is a more complicated CMS than WordPress that won’t work well for beginners, but may be a pretty nice solution for users, who have web design experience and are ready to invest their time and effort into the development of feature-rich projects.

3. Drupal

Drupal CMS
Drupal is the oldest web design CMS among those reviewed in the post. The system was released in 2001 and is more complicated as compared to Joomla and WordPress. At the same time, it is also the most full-featured. This is what makes exploration of the platform more time-taking and challenging. Drupal works well for complicated and large-scale event websites.

Drupal Features:

  • Complexity. When choosing the system to launch an event website, you need to realize that it is a complicated software, which is hard to master and use by newbies. The CMS comes with pre-installed modules and plugins, which eliminates the need to integrate external options. It is impossible to create and then manage or update Drupal websites without programming skills. Users, who lack web design expertise, will be forced to deal with PHP experts each time they need to make a website update.
  • Out-of-the-Box Customization Tools. Drupal is mostly designed to develop large-scale and full-featured event websites. Thus, it provides out-of-the-box customization tools that let you edit the entire website structure and layout. You are welcome to select from over 40000 of high end modules, but it is also possible to integrate your event website with some external services or social networks.
  • Website Editing Freedom. Drupal is one of the most powerful and advanced contemporary CMS, which delivers website editing freedom and provides full control over your website design. The only problem is that you won’t go without HTML and PHP skills, no matter what exactly you wish to change.

Drupal Design

Drupal template collection currently encompasses over 2600 themes, which are responsive and 100% customizable. As opposed to the main functional tools of the system, the templates are not complicated from the technical point of view. This makes their customization not that challenging. The system developers keep working on regular updates of the template collection so that you could find high quality designs for your event website.

Drupal Pricing

Drupal is absolutely free – just like the rest of CMS reviewed in the article. However, don’t forget about the need to invest into premium templates, hosting and domain name.
What’s even more important, working with Drupal is quite complicated and you should keep in mind that you may potentially need the help of a professional web designer. This is especially true, if your coding skills are not enough to cope with your event website customization independently. These issues should be considered, when deciding on a budget needed to customize your project.
Summing Up: Drupal is a worthy website builder, which provides an opportunity to design high end event websites yet requires advanced PHP programming skills.

How to Choose the Service to Build an Event Website from Scratch?

When it comes to selecting the best web building tool for your event website, there are lots of nuances that might affect the choice. You should also consider your expertise level, the specialization of your event website, its scale, objectives and budget you plan to invest. Whether you will go for a website builder or a CMS, there are general issues that are a must for successful project completion. The major aspects are as follows:
  • Simplicity and ease-of-use;
  • Template choice;
  • Customization tools offered;
  • Speed of website creation;
  • Skills needed to complete the task;
  • User-friendliness;
  • Quality and reliability of a service;
  • Feature set included;
  • Efficacy of website promotion;
  • Pricing policy.
If the platform you have found comes up to these requirements and meets your web design skills, it makes sense to test it. If there is something you doubt about, then it’s better to keep looking for a better alternative.

Bottom Line

Event website creation is often a challenge. There are lots of nuances that have to be considered, if you wish to launch a professional project to come up to your needs. This is especially true for those users, who have never been involved in website building before yet expect to avail decent result. Regardless of your expertise level, there are two web building options you may choose from. These are website builders and CMS.
  • If you have good command of programming knowledge, web design expertise, enough time and proper budget, then using a CMS might be a good choice. With rich integration options and design customization tools, these platforms are full-featured and powerful enough to build a decent event website.
  • In case your web design skills are not that impressive or you are just pressed for time and money, using website builders will be a better choice. These systems are built with user convenience in mind, covering a broad spectrum of web building needs. They are simple, user-friendly, efficient and affordable. It is you, who are in charge of the web design process – just create your website, upload content and go online!
To select the best platform, take your time to check out and test all of the systems reviewed in the post. This will give you the understanding of what exactly to expect from the web building process and what skills you will need to complete the task on the top notch level.


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