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Brand Awareness Through Email Marketing

In some way or the other, marketing plays a crucial role in our lives. Although we don't realize it much, we have become full-time brand enthusiasts!

Don’t believe us? When you’re ordering a soft drink at a restaurant, do you ask for a cola or a Coke? Just like how the term petroleum jelly has been replaced by Vaseline and the word search has been taken over by Google.

This is the magic of brands the power! These well-known brands have replaced the generic terms for similar products we use in daily life.

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You know building brand awareness for your business is important. You have got your product or service but what is the next step? How to engage more customers?

How to stand out to reach new customers and generate new opportunities? So at this point of time, you must be wondering why you should be using email marketing. Well, don’t worry as the next section of this post will clear all your doubts.

Building Relationships Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent channel to build and maintain brand awareness amongst users. An email address is an easy exchange but in many cases not valued to its potential.

Here the 3 basic tips to be kept in mind which all help in building a relationship through email strategy.

a) Attract the right people to your newsletter- There’ll be times when hundreds of people will visit your website and sign up to get registered with your business. But identifying and attracting the right bunch of customers who’ll be interested in your email content is important.

b) Be consistent with your email format and style- While drafting business emails it's important to keep specific points in mind like the email header, subject line. Ultimately an email must create a legitimate impression on user’s mind.

c) Add a personal Touch to your emails- Your website visitors, email, and mobile subscribers, and your social media followers will appreciate your messages even more if they’re personalized. Like an email that starts by addressing the first name of the user has more chances of being clicked. The readability rates of personalized emails in 10x higher than ordinary emails.

Email Marketing Strategies to Initiate Brand Awareness Among Users

Some renowned channels of promotion include advertising, word of mouth publicity, social media like blogs, sponsorships etc. Brand awareness is the only way through which consumers become familiar with a brand and to a company’s products and services.

How to Use Email Marketing to build Brand Awareness?

Email advertising tackles all the inborn issues of non-focused ways of promoting. With email advertising, you can control precisely who sees an email by fragmenting your contacts in light of their lead status, socioeconomics, area or other relevant information.

Hence, Email marketing can help in building brand awareness of your organization. Here are few points which can help you to get started:

a) Always Ask for Permission: Customer satisfaction is one sole aspect which becomes the ground for long-term success for a business. So while channeling email marketing strategy for your customers make sure you ask for their consent. For example: Giving them a chance to update the subscription, add more members through social media links, keeping up to date with newsletter and subscriptions etc.

b) Knowledge Sharing- The first step while planning an effective email marketing strategy to build awareness among users is to shift your focus towards subscribers. Understand what type of email content would interest your subscribers at the first place and share some useful knowledge insights for which your users keep coming back to you.

c) Consistency- Consistency plays a crucial role in building brand awareness through email marketing. Make sure you follow consistency in both aspects, first in the look and feel i.e. the design of the email and secondly in the frequency of how you interact with your subscribers.

d) Offer Additional Discounts and Offers- Rolling out bulk or mass emails won’t give any return of investment. Instead, offer some additional discount offers and coupons within your emails to catch user’s attention. For example, Buy 1 get 1 free offer valid until midnight, extra 25% discount if you sign up now etc.

e) Call to Action-  Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t many other marketing platforms out there which allows users from viewing an offer to purchasing an item within a few taps. With a tempting call to action links and an effective email marketing strategy can drive sales like no other channel.

Email Marketing is an amazing channel to construct and create brand awareness amongst users. On the off chance that you don't look for a new, imaginative approach to emerging in today's undeniably focused online world, your image and message will be neglected.

email worth

Perhaps it’s time to plan an effective email strategy and start taking this marketing platform more seriously…

Good Luck!

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