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Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website
“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Old English Proverb
As children, we have learned this proverb and probably repeated it hundreds of times to learn it by heart. But as adults living in 2019, we have truly understood the power in those words thanks to Instagram.
Instagram is the most widely accepted social media platform for sharing photos. It is a user-generated content driven app that has connected millions of people with images.
Instagram started out as a photographer’s social media tool but has transcended into an all combining powerful force. People are now using Instagram to share their personal pictures with friends and family, artists are sharing their artwork, food and travel bloggers are documenting their journeys and companies are marketing their businesses on this app.
According to a digital marketing company in Pune, Instagram has around 700 million active monthly users.
Most digital marketing strategies these days cover social media marketing. Instagram marketing is a big part of the overall social media strategy for any type of company because visuals have a deeper impact on the minds of the target audience.
Following is the list of tools that could be used to embed Instagram feed on your website:
●          SnapWidget
SnapWidget is a company started in 2011 with the sole purpose of creating a widget that can embed social media feed to your website. Currently, according to a detailed report from a digital marketing company in Pune, SnapWidget can embed a feed from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Its widgets are flexible and fresh when it comes to structure and design. They offer you a variety of widgets such as carousel widget, slideshow widget, and scrolling widget. More than 200,000 companies trust SnapWidget for their social media feed needs!
●          Taggbox
Taggbox is a leading name when it comes to tools that can embed your Instagram feed to your website. By using Taggbox you can go beyond Instagram embedding too.
This website has the features which allow you to embed a feed from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and Blog RSS. A social media marketing company in Pune reported that this tool has many scalabilities and customization options, which makes it a popular choice.
The company also has special options for display widgets at events or trade shows.
●          The Official Instagram Embed
Understanding that the need of the hour has gone beyond smartphone apps,  Instagram has to introduce developers tools for embedding Instagram feed on to client websites.
This tool is absolutely easy to use and simple to configure. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy engineer to embed Instagram feed using this tool. It allows you to share your pictures and videos directly from Instagram to your website.
According to a digital marketing company in Pune, a lot of people prefer this tool because its the official Instagram tool, which safeguards their privacy and rights.
●          LightWidget
LightWidget is a dynamic Instagram embedding tool that can transform your social media marketing feed. It lets you choose the widget size, number of images, columns, categories, and hashtags.
This tool started an SEO service in Pune has made it easy for anyone and everyone to share their Instagram feed on their websites. It is a responsive and customizable tool. It also has options such as incorporating a hover effect, adding captions to the images and call to actions such as “Go To Post”.
LightWidget has more than 1,63,000 happy customers who can vouch for them.
●          POWr is one of the best plug-ins available in the market for embedding Instagram feed. Its best feature is the POWr Editor which lets you customize how the feed will look like on your website.
Do you need a background on the grid? Do you want it to have a border? All of these options are covered by the editor. POWr has a fully functional, ready to use Instagram plug-in available for WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Shopify. It is designed to be responsive to mobiles and syncs all your data on its cloud servers.
Apart from this, you can prioritize the Instagram feed based on hashtags, handles, and categories.
●          Photoslurp
We saved the best one for the last. Photoslurp was designed to be a visual commerce platform. It is full of rich features that are of great use when it comes to Instagram marketing, digital marketing strategies that revolve around social media marketing.
This tool lets embed your Instagram feed with ease. They have special and more advanced features available for e-commerce websites that rely heavily on Instagram posts for marketing. Photoslurp also has tracking and analytics covered for you!
Instagram is currently the world’s favorite site when it comes to images. Every day it is flooded with images that range from nature to wildlife to food and art. That’s the reason why Instagram marketing has grown so popular. We hope this blog helped you in choosing the right tool for your website.


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