Thursday, 7 November 2019


It is not surprising to witness a massive demand for digital marketing services coming from the corporate and the industrial sectors. As manufacturers and other companies are coming to terms with what digital marketing has to offer them, the number of companies leveraging the benefits of digital marketing keeps increasing every year. Out of the many elements of digital marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Google Adwords has emerged as one of the most viable solutions for companies to reach their audience and revenue. Organizations are now making most of PPC advertising and Google Adwords to increase brand awareness and value.
Technooyster is a digital marketing agency that offers PPC services in Pune. In addition, we are a certified Google Adwords company establishing us as one of the best in the business. Moreover, our objective is simple and clear i.e. helping our clients reach their objectives through our digital marketing services. We have a team of young, enthusiastic, and focussed individuals who formulate strong and effective PPC and Adwords strategies to ensure our clients achieve the desired results.
Let’s try to understand the advantages of PPC advertising and Google Adwords.
1. Advertise to people looking for a similar business as yours
Pay-per-click (PPC) offers you access to a completely new audience. Regardless of the platform, you choose to run your ad, you can now ensure your ad is visible to people who are interested in the service or a product you offer.
Google Adwords – gives you access to the audience Google has and directs them to your website
Adwords – provides the best results since your audience is actively exploring the products and service you offer
Moreover, you can also ensure that your audience is relevant by enabling you the option of targetting only a specific audience, time frame, and curate your ad based on their search patterns.
2. Targeted Ads
PPC ads allow certain interests and popular search terms to ensure your ad is targeted to the relevant audience. Google Adwords enables you to choose keywords and search terms that are popular and directs them to the relevant page on your website. Hence, it is one of the most effective ways by which you can increase your conversions. Although knowing which keywords to the target requires some research, it helps you target an audience relevant to you.
Moreover, you can also target an audience that has previously expressed their interest in your product or service by remarketing that could lead to fruitful results.
3. You can measure the ROI
The best part about PPC is that it offers you a measurable ROI allowing you to track the different parameters of your Ad such as impressions and number of clicks and make a comparison with your sales and revenue. Measuring your ROI could not get simpler than this.
4. Brand awareness and exposure
By taking advantage of PPC and Google Adwords, you can now put your brand in front of people who have no idea that it existed. Running an efficient Ad ensures that Google Adwords will push your ad to the top if someone runs a search using your keywords. Hence, it increases your brand’s exposure as well as brand awareness.
5. Immediate results
Unlike search engine optimization (SEO) which could take some time for your website to rank, Google Adwords or PPC offers you an opportunity to rank within a few hours. Although PPC costs more than SEO, it is one of the most lucrative investments you are likely to make. In no way, this statement undermines the capabilities and impact of an SEO campaign which is equally important. PPC advertising boosts your chances of converting potential customers and also finding a new target audience.
6. Pay on click only
As the name suggests, pay-per-click (PPC), means you have to pay money only when your Ad is clicked. Moreover, if your Ad is visible to someone, it is because they have already expressed their interest in a product or a similar to yours and hence, could be a potential customer. Thus, pay-per-click is worth the money you spend.
7. You can run local or international Ads
Depending on the region you are looking to expand your business, you can target the audience in that particular region only. Google Adwords enables you to target an audience locally or on an international scale based on your objectives.
Companies have gradually identified PPC and Google Adwords as a potential channel to increase their brand awareness and revenue. Google Adwords and PPC offer organizations exactly what they need; targeted marketing, a measurable ROI, key metrics, and most importantly increase in brand awareness without investing a lot of resources. Technooyster is one of the leading Google Adwords companies in Pune. Our digital expertise, clear understanding of our client’s requirements, and technical know-how has established Technooyster Pvt. Ltd. as one of the best companies to off PPC services in Pune.

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