Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Automation - A Powerful Email Marketing Tool

This is an online world, where every business has a running website and an option for online registration. Point is, you grow the list of subscribers gradually. You get the signup (subscriber) because these people are interested in either know your business or join your business.

But as per the studies, it is found that most of these subscribers become dormant because they were not attended on time. In the cut-throat business competition, losing one single subscriber may result in losing a big business opportunity.

You need a workflow for which automation is the right tool. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and create your desired and required automation workflow and rest will be done by the system at the set appropriate time and date.
Marketing Automation for Better Results
Automate your sales by sending emails based on customer behavior and activity. Communicate with your customer just when it is required and gain customer's attention.

Now, you can send emails to an individual person based on his specific behavior. There is no more requirement to create multiple contact lists with different parameters. Set the parameters within one single contact list and send mail when it is actually required.
Want to send mail just when someone snaps you? or want to send a Thank-You mail when your customer purchases a product on your site? Automation is what you need. 
This is the simplest step by step process which is assured to save your a lot of precious time and deliver potential results every month. Classic email marketing is not a good choice for any business these days. You require an intelligent email sending platform which understands the individual behavior of your connections and perform actions accordingly.

Email automation helps you cover these basic concerns:
  • Real time reaction to the subscriber's behaviors
  • Auto pick the suitable content based on the subscriber actions
  • Free & easy to use
  • Dynamic and customized pick of the content
  • Win your junk leads back by building a personal connection 
  • Enhance your brand value. 
What Should Trigger This Workflow?
  1. When Someone Joins a list
  2. A Date
  3. An anniversary of a Date
  4. When information in column changes
  5. When someone enters a segment
  6. When someone exits a segment
Above are listed six possible ways to design the automation workflow. We will now discuss one of the above 6 to understand the basic process to create and run automation. 

When someone joins a list
    Example: Signup List

    Every website receives sign-ups and numerous implementations are made to manage these sign ups. The most important of all these implementations is acknowledging your new signup.

    Best is to share a welcome email the second the person joins you. Automation is the solution you need. There are 2 basic steps to complete any type of automation desired.

    Step 1 (Select Type):

    There are 8 types of automation listed in the panel as mentioned in the image above.

    It is possible to add more to the list as per the requirement.

    We have chosen the first one wherein we are automating the system to send acknowledgment email after signup when new signup is received and email id is updated in the contact list.

    There are other options as well as I've mentioned under the heading "What Should Trigger This Workflow?"

    Step 2 (Basics):

    In this step, we will design the respective automation process. This will include:
    • the name of the automation
    • when the automation email to be sent &
    • who will receive the email? 

    As is clear in the image above, you need to name your automation & make sure the name you give matches to the task it is designed for.

    Next, you need to schedule the time of sending which includes immediate sending, sending after a few minutes, a few hours and so on.

    Finally, choose the associated contact list and go to the next step.

    Step 3 (Choose Design):

    Here in this step, you need to choose the email template. Once you choose you will see all the related details like sending domain, from-name, reply-to email, subject line.

    If there is any default attachment, it will also appear in the template details box.

    There is an option to check the web-view of this chosen template and proceed once all the details are correct.

    If you need to edit something, click on Edit This Template or go to the next step by a simple click on Select This Template

    Step 4 (Review):

    This is a summary page of all previous steps. Review all the information and proceed to save and run it.

    Now, whenever you receive a new signup email id will be added to the contact list. This contact list is added to the automation campaign and as scheduled, an email will be delivered immediately.

    Powerful Reporting & Statistics

    Similar to the email campaign sent, email automation reports are also stored in the platform. You can list all your automation and check the statistics of each automation every day.

    Detailed in-site of the running automation helps you to understand your subscribers more accurately.
    • Scheduled emails
    • Sent, open, click details
    • Day-wise reporting
    This is a 24x7 service, which will not stop running. So, whatever is the time visitor choose to signup he/she will receive the acknowledgment email for sure.

    How is Automation Useful?

    Automation is a demanding feature these days, as it helps reduce the labor work and improves efficiency. This further helps complete the task of time and improve the sales and marketing structure.

    Top of it, you do not lose your potential subscribers. You can say that you care for your customer through automation.

    Study the actions of your subscribers
    1. A new subscriber is signing-up
    2. Subscriber is visiting the website pages
    3. When a subscriber qualifies from a selected criteria
    4. When a subscriber dis-qualifies from a selected criteria
    5. Anniversary or date information of subscriber
    6. When a subscriber is added in a segmentation

    Send beautiful & relevant emails based on the subscriber activity
    1. Welcome email for a product purchase
    2. Confirmation email for online queries
    3. Thank you email if user generates a ticket
    4. Do not Worry email of product B if product A purchased
    5. Suggestion email for pending invoices
    6. Due Date email if an offer is going to over
    7. Hurry-up email if an offer is going to over.
    Without email automation, most of the tasks demand time and labor both. So, it is an intelligent addition to the regular email marketing you are using till date.

    This process of email automation helps send relevant information on right time to the specific individual subscriber based on the behavior noted by the system. So, this is a very powerful tool which helps enhance customer engagement, builds and nurture customer-vendor relationship. This technology further helps grow the brand value as well. 

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