Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Are you a Leader? How to Set a Great Example

Are you a leader?

This can be answered by you only. So let’s check it out whether you are a leader or not? If you really think that you are a leader than the answers to these questions won’t trouble you at all:

Can you motivate people to do more than they ever thought possible in pursuit of a greater good?

Leaders are encouragers and less critics.

Can you influence people to their best?

Leaders can see best out of waste and can find something good in everyone.

Do you go above or beyond?

Leaders always aim to add value and they add it whenever and wherever they see the opportunity.

Are you confident?

Leaders are the true team players and are always ready to admit that they need other people to be strong where they’re weak.

Are you optimistic?

Leaders always try to make things better whenever things go wrong.

Are you open to change?

Leaders aim for constant improvement and always welcomes new opportunities.

Are you accountable?

Leaders are always standing to accept the accountability for their actions.

Are you humble?

Leaders are always humble. They are not ashamed to do any work which they can do in the best manner.

Are you passionate?

Leaders enjoy their work to the peak and not just for the sake of doing their duty.

Are you motivated from within?

A leader keeps pushing forward even when there’s no carrot dangling in front of them.

Do you focus on Titles?

A true leader always focuses on the individuals rather than concentrating on their position, status, title, etc.

So, if you’re up for these questions, then you are definitely a true Leader. 
“Leadership is not something that anyone can give you, you have to earn it and claim it for yourself.” 
To lead means to be in front and the whole crowd behind is following you, it has no relations with your position you’re holding or the title printed on the wooden label placed on your desk.

There is one very bitter truth of leadership and you must know it. If you think that you’re a leader (and leading the people) but nobody is behind you, no one is following your path.

My dear friend! You’re not leading, but just taking a walk. It’s for sure when you’re leading, you’re not only leading people, but becoming an example for them.

Now the question comes is “Is it really important to become an example while leading?”

In this case, I’ll tell you that perhaps being an example is the only way to lead. So, if you’re up for the questions above and want to create an example for others by your leadership quality. Then check out some important hacks that you’ll require if you want to set an example for you.

1. Be A Good Listener

There is a very important and common factor that can be found in any leader which is their speaking skills. If you want to become a leader or if you’re a leader - one thing that you have to adopt is having good conveying power.

You can lead people only by your words. Your words mean a lot. But, what if you’re born with a creative mind, but not so sound in delivering your ideas to people.

Don’t worry! Someone has said very correctly- For becoming a better speaker, first become a good listener. If you’re not born with attractive speaking skills, work hard on your listening skills.

Listening is such an important behavior, it not only make you a good speaker and allow to share information, but also tells the other person that you respect his/her thoughts and who they are.

2. Maintain Your Attitude

As a leader, people are looking at you, following you. So, you have no other option than maintaining a positive attitude and calm nature. If you don’t do it. Then, who will? And If you’re not doing it till now, then what are you waiting for?

You’re their leader and it’s your attitude which matters more than anybody else’s.

3. Keep On Learning

Learning is a never-ending process. Let’s think a scene:

You’re team leader working on a project of developing a mobile application. What if, you’ve no clue of what to do? How you’ll guide your developers?

It’s very simple if you’re leading, sorry to say, but you can’t be so clueless all the time. You’ve to update on what is going on. If you want your followers to be a good learner, then first you have to be one. Moreover, being a leader is such a complicated thing that you can always learn something new.

4. Ask… Ask… Ask

Trust me! Asking questions won’t make you dumb.

If you’re thinking that by asking a question you will appear as a dumb in front of others. Then, here is a suggestion for you: 
“Asking question might make you dumb for five minutes but not asking can make you dumb for the lifetime.”
So it’s better to be dumb for five minutes rather than remaining for the lifetime. Asking questions will increase your learning, engagement, and will make you informative. So go on and ask as much as you can.

5. Build Trust

You can’t walk in the crowd if you’re a leader. You’ve to come forward and have to take the step first. If you’ll go first, this will generate trust for you among your followers. The more people will trust you, the more they’ll follow you.

6. Be Flexible

If you want to create a change, you’ve to first be the change. A good leader is not who puts his thought and order people to work according to him, but a person who can guide and work with people.

For that, you’ve to deal with different people and you can be same with everyone. Here you’ve to adopt flexibility to make them realize that you’re with them.

So, till now you must have recognized yourself. If you’ve all these characteristics, then don’t waste your talent in walking in a herd step ahead and start leading!

Your leadership qualities can help you in building trust with your team leader, your manager, your director, your clients and your partners. So wherever you’re if you’re leader you can walk ahead.

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