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Apply The MATRIX RULE to Succeed in Email Marketing

As I was checking my inbox for any pending emails of the day, something about the emails forced me to think deep. It was not long when I realized how emails have been an indispensable part of our lives and how eager we are to check a new mail. And all of this took me to AOL’s time of “You’ve got mail”.
The trend of emails has existed all along and doesn’t seem to pass away anytime soon. With the social media being a source of noise these days, people go to their inboxes to find solitude. Emails have been a huge hit ever since businesses understood their importance as a miraculous marketing tool. And this is the reason creating successful marketing emails have become even more important in present times.
Statistics suggest that more than 4.3 billion of the world’s population who check their inboxes daily. This provides a huge opportunity to businesses to feed their content in the minds of their customers. But the problem is, most companies don’t know how to do it right.
On an average there are over 205 billion emails sent out each and every day. The question is how do you make your email stand out from others? And how do you draw the consumer to open your email from their cut throat email inbox?
The matrix method is one of the most unique methods you can use to stand out from the market competitions and help your business establish your worth in the customer’s eye.
MATRIX, where M: Marketing, A: Accuracy of information, T: Trigger to initiate sale, R: Revenue, I: Influence, X: Cross Channel, is a complete guide to your email marketing campaign, if you have been wondering about which choices to make.
So, instead of scratching your heads and wondering whether your email will be customer engaging or not, adapt to well defined strategies of the MATRIX method:

M: Marketing


Marketing remains the top focus for any business. And when it comes to marketing you email for your growth, you need to do it well instead of just sending your content in haste. Create a well defined customer list; make sure it is relevant to your business. You need to identify your goals and build up your email list accordingly.
Now select your appropriate campaign that you want to send and start working on it. It is advisable to offer free content to your customers initially so that they find solution in it and subscribe for more. After all, customers love a free lunch.
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A: Accuracy of Information


Market research suggests that when customers are given statistical information in mails, they are more likely to develop a sense of trust towards your organization.  Avoid beating around the bush about your product. Provide exact facts and figures when required.  

For example, you can make quick bullet points for the problems that your product can solve. Also provide the happy customer data of your organization. The main focus is to keep the eyes of your customer moving when they read your mail. Once they find your information factual, they will look for a button to convert.

T: Trigger to Initiate Sale

Why will your customers convert if you have nothing special to grab their attention? The main focus of the matrix method is to create a trigger that will help you initiate your sales. Many businesses use time as one of the most popular and effective source of trigger. What makes them different is that these emails are triggered based on specific event such as a birthday, a clicked link or an abandoned shopping cart. These are more timely tactics.
For example, if you are selling clothes on your online store, you can create a sense of urgency and send it to your customer. Send them a mail that says, “X hour for the sale to go” or “X day remaining to grab a free pair of shoes”. These kinds of mails pull a trigger in the customer’s mind and are a proven way of getting increased customer conversions.
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R: Revenue


Business holders are continuously faced with the challenge of earning more revenues for their business and they keep on turning to email for their solutions. Email marketing when used correctly can be a great source to drive revenues.  To drive revenue through emails, you need to monitor and assess performance through all channels. 68% of promotional emails are opened on a mobile device, and revenue generated on mobile devices made over 25% of all email revenue at the end of 2017.
So, if you want more revenues, send fewer emails.
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I: Influence


Influencing your customers is one of the most important and difficult task in marketing. Emails can help a lot if you want to influence your sales. According to a research, email is one of the best ways to influence customers for making purchases online. Going by the statistics in US, email is even more effective for 35 to 44-year-old males — 82% of this group made purchases influenced by their company’s email. The basic step is to apply the science of language in order to influence your customers over email.

You can use an attractive subject line, an email that has a theme related to the kinds of product you sell, an engaging call to action link etc to influence your customers.

Image source: MarketingSherpa

X: Cross Channel

Your customers need not necessarily open their emails on their laptops or any one specific device. Make sure you design your emails for cross channels. For example, if you have a significant number of people reading emails on their mobile phones, using a responsive design will give them a great experience.  Responsive design prevents the unnecessary horizontal scrolling and grainy images on a device.

Right from the inbox to social networks and across laptops and smartphones, the customer today moves seamlessly and fully expects you to be there with them by providing an integrated experience.
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Email marketing has proven to bring growth to many small and big businesses. The main focus is to create a creative and customer engaging email. The matrix method brings all the tactics and tricks that you need to apply in order to succeed in email marketing. These tactics are sure to bring revolutionary results to your marketing strategies.

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