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An Ultimate Guide To Facebook Page Insights

Facebook page is one of the important profile of your brand on social media. Every brand has a different social media strategy to drive engagement on their Facebook page. 
Brands define different campaigns, contests, engagement activities and content pieces to interact with the audiences on Facebook, but not every time the strategy or content piece works. In order to understand if your strategy is working or not, it’s important to understand the audience insights, that’s when Facebook insights comes into the picture!

So What is Facebook Insights?

Facebook insights is Facebook analytics which helps your to understand different aspects of your Facebook page including engagement, reach, likes, comments, shares and demographics. Facebook insights helps you to understand how your content strategy is performing on Facebook!

Where to find Facebook Insights on Facebook Page?

Once you are on your Facebook page, you will see insights on the navigation bar.
Measuring Facebook Insights
Once you click on the insights option, you will see the below screen 
Facebook Insights Overview

How to use Facebook Insights?

Let’s understand each aspect in detail about Facebook Insights
1. Overview
The first tab in Facebook insights is overview of the page.
Facebook Page Summary Insights
The overview option is further is further divided into 3 aspects including 
  • Page Summary
  • Your 5 Most Recent Posts 
  • Pages to watch 
Page Summary 
Below is how the page summary looks under overview option
Page Summary on Facebook
Page summary gives you a glace about different metrics including likes, post reach, page views, story reach, actions on page, post engagements, video views, page followers and orders.
Page summary also compares current date range data with previous period. For Eg: In the above screenshot, you can see in the post reach metrics there is a 3% increment (green color indicates increment and red colour indicates decrease), now the data is compared with the last 28 days vs previous 28 days. This gives you a quick glance of which metrics has improved and which has not. 
You should weekly monitor each metrics to understand the improvement and take necessary action.
Your 5 Most Recent Posts
The next option in summary is, “Your 5 Most Recent Posts”You need to scroll down to view this option, it would look like the below screen.
Facebook 5 Recent Posts Report
This option helps you with the recent 5 posts with the reach and engagement metrics.
If you click on a specific post, it further helps you to understand the performance of that post in detail including like, comment, shares, photo views and link clicks
 This report helps you to understand what type of content is performing well which you have recently posted on your Facebook, you can then further define a strategy to post similar kind of content to drive more engagement.
Pages to Watch
The next option is pages to watch
Facebook Pages to Watch
Pages to watch option helps you to compare the performance of your page and posts with your competitors page. You can also add a specific page through the option add pages and start comparing. If you want to go to the page and deep dive on content, you can just click on the page name. 
From the overview section, you can also download the entire data to do deep dive analysis. You can download the same by clicking on the export option from the summary section as below
Export Data from Facebook
Once you click on the export data option, you will come across below screen. You can download the data in data type as page data, post data and video data by selecting a specific data range.
Facebook Insights Data Export
Let’s understand each data type in brief:
Page Data – This data type will help you to view key page metrics for engagement, lifetime total likes, daily new likes, daily unlikes, daily page engaged users, weekly page engaged users, daily total reach, daily organic reach, daily paid reach, viral reach and total impressions 
Post Data – This data type will help you to view post level data for key metrics of each post including organic reach, paid reach, engaged users, organic impressions, paid impressions and lifetime negative feedback
Video Data – Video data will help you to view video data for key video metrics including video views, impressions, 30 seconds views, 60 seconds views, auto-played video views, paid video views and organic video views 
The next option in Facebook insights is followers
Followers Report in Facebook
Once you have selected the rate range under followers option, the first thing you will see is the total page followers as of today, refer below screen. This gives you an idea how the followers growth has been on your Facebook page. 
Total Facebook Page Followers Report
The next thing in followers option is net followers. Net followers graph helps you to understand how many unfollows were there, how many followers were generated organically, how many followers were generated through paid media and what are the net followers for the period selected. 
Facebook Net Followers Report
After net followers, you will see where your page follows happened, either they happened on your page or search or page suggestions or on your posts or uncategorised desktop.
Where Your Page Follows Happened
You can further break it down by each, by clicking on the right hand side option, refer below screen, where I have clicked on uncategorised desktop which helps me with specific details about uncategorised desktop where the follows happened. 
Where the Facebook Page Follows Happened
The next view in Facebook insights is likes. 
Facebook Likes Report
Once you have selected the date range, the first thing you will be able to see is total page likes as of today with a break up day by day for the selected date range. Through this you will be able to understand how your likes are increasing day by day. 
Total Page Likes Facebook Report
Next thing is net likes. Net likes view helps to understand unlikes, organic likes, paid likes and net likes day by day. From this you can see how your organic likes are increasing day by day and how your unlikes are happening day by day.
Facebook Net Likes Report
The next thing under net likes is, where your page likes happened. This option will help you to understand if the page likes happened on new feed or your page or search or page suggestions or other. 
Facebook Where Your Likes Happened
You can further break it down by clicking on the right hand side, refer below screen, where I have selected news feed. So I can only see data for likes happened through news feed. 
Facebook Likes Report Breakup
4. Reach 
The next report to view in Facebook insights is reach. 
Facebook Reach Data
The first thing under reach is post reach. Post reach is the number of people who have seen your posts on their screen on news feed. According to Facebook, these numbers are an estimate. 
Facebook Reach Data
You can further break the reach by organic or paid by clicking on the right hand side option as below, where I have selected organic, as I want to understand the organic reach. You can also view paid post reach by clicking on paid option. 
Facebook Organic Reach Data
The next is story reach. If you are posting Facebook stories, then this is the option to view the insights from. This gives you the reach of your stories day by day, refer below screenshot. As I have not posted any stories on my page, the numbers are not populating. But if you are posting stories then, you can view the report from here. 
For a particular day, if the story reach is going high, identify the type of content posted and then try to create content surrounding the same theme or topic.
Facebook Story Reach
Next thing in reach is recommendations. Recommendations is the number of times that people have recommended your page in posts and comments. As there are no recommendations on my page, the report has not data, refer below screenshot.  
Facebook Recommendations
Next is reactions, comments, shares and more. This report helps you to understand how many people the page reached because of reactions, comments or shares on your page.  
Facebook Reactions, Comments Data
You can further break this report by reactions or comments or shares or answers or claims or other, by clicking on specific option on the right hand side. 
Insights on Facebook Reactions
Next is reactions. Reactions includes likes or other ways in which people reach to your page. 
Facebook Analytics
You can further divide the report by like or love or wow or haha or sad or angry, which will help you to understand how people are reacting on your posts maximum.
Facebook Data Analysis
The next report under reach is hide, report as spam and unlikes. This report will help you to understand how many people are clicking on hide or reporting as spam or unliking it. The numbers in this report should be minimum because if a lot of people or reporting as spam or unliking it, it means that the content is not working and needs a different strategy immediately. 
Data Analysis of Facebook Page
Last report under reach is total reach. Total reach is the number of people who have seen any content from your page on their news feed. You need to make sure that the reach is not decreasing, if the reach is decreasing then it means the content is not working. 
Total Reach Facebook Page Data
You can further break the total reach in organic and paid by clicking on the right hand side option as below, where I can selected organic reach to view. 
Facebook Insights Data

5. Page Views 
Page views helps you to understand the page view data for your page.
The first report under page views, shows the total views data for the number of times your page profile has been viewed by logged-in and logged-out users
Facebook Page Views Report
Next is total people who viewed. This page report tells you the number of people logged in to Facebook who have viewed the Page’s profile. 
Total People Who Viewed Your Facebook Page
You can further view break down the data and view the data by section, age & gender, by country, by city and by device.
The below screen shows views data on posts, photos, videos and reviews. This helps to understand what formats have been viewed most on Facebook.
Total People Who Viewed Facebook Page
Below is the views data by device, which helps to understand from which device users are actually viewing your Facebook page. Basis this you can then further defining specific campaigns for mobile devices!
Facebook Views on Devices
Next is sources. This report helps to understand the sources from where visitors came to your Facebook page including Facebook or website or any other source. In the below screen, you can see the top sources is Facebook, which means that most of the visitors have come from Facebook to my Facebook page. 
If you see different sources in your report, you can then further optimize your strategy for a particular source.
Facebook Page Top Sources
6. Page Previews 
Next is page previews helps you to understand page preview data of your Facebook page. 
The first thing you will observe under page preview is total page previews data. This helps to understand how many times your page preview has been seen.
Total Facebook Page Preview Data
Next is total people who previewed, this helps to understand the data for the total people who saw the page preview for your page. 
Total People Who Previewed Your Facebook Page
Page previews data is not that helpful to draw inference from. 
7. Actions On Page
Next is actions on page, which helps you to understand the where people took the action on the page including directions clicks, website clicks, phone number clicks or action button clicks.  
The below screen shows the total action on page by direction clicks, action button clicks, phone number clicks and website clicks. You can observe that most actions have happened on button clicks.
Action on Facebook Page
You can also view the report by people who clicked action button. 
Facebook Page Actions Report
The important report to view under actions on page is the people who clicked website report. This helps you to understand how many people have clicked on the website CTA button. If the website clicks are low, you need to define a strategy to drive more visitors from Facebook to website.  
Facebook Reports on CTA to Website
8. Posts
The next report in Facebook insights is Posts. This is one of the important reports to view from, as it helps to understand how your posts are performing. This is how the screen will look like once you are under posts option. 
Facebook Page Insights Data
Posts report helps you to understand how each and every post is performing for your page. You can click on any off the post to view more metrics of the posts. For eg: I have clicked on the 5th post, and I can view details including people reached, reactions, post clicks, engagement, photo views, link clicks and other clicks. Refer below screenshot: 
Facebook Post Level Data
If it’s a video posts, you can view data related to minutes viewed, 10 secs video views, 1 minute video views, 3 secs video view, average video watch time, audience retention and audience & engagement. Refer below screen 
Facebook Video Posts Insights
Further you can view deep dive report by minutes viewed or video views or audience retention. Refer below screen, where I have clicked on 10 second video views option to view more insights. From here I can view, how many views were with sound on and with sound off, this gives you an idea about the views who have actually watched my video. 
Facebook Video Views Data
You can also view the audience retention report by clicking on the audience retention option. Audience retention report helps you to understand at which point the users stopped watching your video. Audience retention defines for how long was your video able to hold your audience, the higher the audience retention indicates that the content is engaging. If the audience retention is lower, you will have to re-think about your video content strategy. 
Relative Retention – Relative retention shows how your curve is performing relative to other videos on Facebook with similar length.
Below is how the audience retention view looks like on Facebook insights!
Facebook Audience Retention Report
If you want to break down all posts published report by reactions/comments/ shares or engagement rate or post hides, hides of all post, you can click on the right hand side drop down below and view the report. 
Facebook Posts Insights Data

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