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An Essential Guide on Online Reputation Management

Reputation plays a significant role in our social lives, professional lives and even personal relationships. We spend our whole lives trying to build a positive reputation about ourselves and our organizations because we are all aware of the wonders of positive reputation. A positive reputation makes it easier to make new friends, find better jobs and to secure good contracts with customers. We take great efforts on our offline reputation but very little on our online reputation. A digital marketing company in Pune believes that it could be because we are not aware of its impact or management.
Let us delve into the topic of Online Reputation Management in this blog with tips from a digital marketing agency in Pune.
First, we will see what Online Reputation means:
Online reputation is not a very complex or layered term to understand. It is merely the reputation that you have on the world wide web. According to a digital marketing company in Pune, online reputation represents the search results that are visible when users are trying to find information about you online. Hence, online reputation covers all possible digital channels including social media.
What Online Reputation Management is?
Online reputation management is about taking control of how people perceive you when the search for you online. It involves pushing out positive, accurate and relevant content about you and your brand through various channels.
Online reputation management strategies help in shaping up your brand’s image in the minds of the target audience, notes a digital marketing company in Pune.
Why do I need to protect my online reputation?
This is an obvious question that is asked by a lot of people to online reputation management companies. Online reputation affects not only large organizations like Tata or Reliance but also small business owners and individuals like you and me.
Before the existence of the virtual world, we relied on business listing directories and word of mouth information from peers for learning about a company’s reputation. Nowadays, even before we set up a meeting with a company, we research them online. We read everything we can to gauge their brand’s image and reputation.
digital marketing agency in Pune reveals that online reputation plays an active role in the following scenarios:
  1. Potential customers trying to find out about your company.
  2. Potential employers use online reputation for vetting a candidate
  3. Potential investors look at the companies which interest them for investment.
  4. Banks also consider your online reputation before issuing a loan or guarantee.
  5. A landlord may decide to look at your online reputation before renting you the apartment or commercial space.
  6. Friends and family members are strongly affected by your online status.
This list highlights the need for protecting your online reputation. An excellent online reputation makes your brand a trustworthy and reliable one for customers.
How can I protect my online reputation?
Online reputation is an abstract asset. It is especially important if you are a small business owner because a good reputation will contribute to higher revenue generation in a significant way.
It is a lot easier to bad mouth someone on the internet as compared to real life. On the internet, people are allowed to say whatever they want with little or no consequences. So, one disappointed customer, one disgruntled employee or even an old family feud could destroy your online reputation.
The first step according to a digital marketing company in Pune is to be proactive rather than reactive to online reputation.
Let’s explore some online reputation management tools:
● Google Yourself
What do you see when you Google yourself? And do you like what you see? These are the two questions that will decide your next course of action.
Most of the people who Google themselves are unhappy with the way they are represented on the internet. SERPs are a result of various algorithms gathering data and presenting it to the user who raised the query.
This data comes from websites, business listings, press coverage, social media and any opinion pieces that may have been written about your brand.
Since you have not yet taken charge of the narrative that is showcased to the world, the SERP about your brand may give you mixed results!
● Unite All Web Channels and Increase Your Online Presence
If you want to protect your online reputation, then you need to expand your digital footprint and ensure that all web channels send out a consistent message. Optimizing the website helps in SERPs. Increase your web presence by starting a good quality blog that publishes up to date and relevant content.
A blog, in the opinion of a digital marketing company in Pune, could assist in building your company’s image as a visionary and thought the leader in your sector. Search engine optimized blogs drive more traffic and are more likely to appear in search results about your company.
Encourage your customers to leave reviews for you on different forums online. The more reviews you have on business listing websites, Google My Business and your website, the more balanced the image your company’s image is.
If you have no reviews, then even one bad review could make you an unreliable option! Therefore, it is better to get a lot of opinions and average out the rating.
● Cleanse Your Social Media Feed
Social media has given all of us a platform to express our opinions and thoughts about everything under the sun. But when it comes to reputation management, these opinions play a significant role in defining your image.
As a part of your online reputation management, go through all your company’s social media accounts and remove any controversial material that you make uploaded in the past.
Social media allows us to humanize our brand, but it is vital that we don’t overstep the line and offend anyone.
A digital marketing company in Pune said that once your social media feed is cleaned, then take extra care about what you post after that. So, think before while posting.
Other small steps that can be taken for brand reputation management are:
  1. Setting up a Google alert about your company.
  2. Circulate strict social media guidelines amongst employees who wish to post about the company online.
  3. Monitor what type of hashtags are being used on your social media handle.
According to a digital marketing service in Pune, if you are serious about your reputation, then you should consult a professional online reputation management service. They will be able to guide you and give you a customized solution with fast and guaranteed results.


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