Friday, 8 November 2019


Despite the many inherent benefits of traditional websites, mobile apps and mobile websites are becoming very popular. This is because majority of the consumers now basically browse the Internet using their mobile phones or tablets.
Convenience and accessibility.
Generally speaking, there are specific scenarios where mobile will be your best choice:
A. Interactivity
For interactive application, a mobile app is almost always going to be your best choice, at least for the foreseeable future.
B. Personalization
If your target users are going to be using your application in a personalized fashion on a regular basis then a mobile app provides a great way to do that.
C. Native Functionality or Processing Required.
If you need certain mobile-specific functions such as click-to-call, SMS and GPS or if you need to access a user’s camera or processing power, a mobile app will surely do that much more effectively.

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