Friday, 8 November 2019


Do you remember when was the last time you updated your website? Have you ever looked into the amount of traffic generated to your website and what this means? Most of the times people aren’t aware of all the tools and technologies available to sustain the presence and dominance of their business online and hence end up frustrated and dissatisfied. To put it simply, if you haven’t updated your website in the past 3 years or if you haven’t made your website mobile friendly then its high time you think about doing so ASAP. Why? Well, let’s find out together.
Google often updates its algorithm to make sure its users get the most value out of it and that they have a seamless search experience. In their efforts to continue updating and upgrading this experience Google has recently updated their algorithm, keeping in mind that the future of search, information, and general tech is heavily leaning towards mobiles. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming formidable competitors to computers, if calculated in percentages there are around 4.57 billion mobile internet users as of 2018 and forecasts suggest an increase of around 4.78 billion mobile internet users in the next 2 years!!
The algorithm was launched in May 2016 and if you’ve noticed diminishing traffic on your website then this may be one of the fundamental causes. Since the upgrade, Google has started favouring more upon mobile-friendly websites by prioritizing their rankings in the search results. Not only that the website which is meant to be working only on desktops will be penalized & their search ranking will be minimized. A study says almost 85% of people think that a company’s website, when viewed on a mobile device, should be as comparable if not better than a desktop website.
The companies with mobile-friendly websites have shown an increase of approximately 61% in sales when compared to their competitors who are still using their old, static, and desktop versions of their websites. The reason is very obvious as people don’t like to read or view a website with a bad mobile user experience. By making your website mobile friendly you ensure your competitive advantage, guarantee to rank higher on google search results and ultimately increase your business sales and performance.
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