Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Adopt Cloud Telephony to Wow Your Customers

Cloud telephony is a technology that is facilitating various day to day tasks of the businesses. Starting with, it replaces the conventional telephony systems and reduces the burden of additional hardware infrastructure for a business.
And more significantly, it is responsible for cutting down a lot of telephony costs and easing numerous business critical tasks. This is the reason why most of the companies including startups and market rulers are adopting cloud telephony for their businesses.
So, if you haven’t upgraded to cloud telephony yet, here is why you should adopt Cloud Telephony to wow your customers:

1. Ease of Language

Cloud telephony provides many benefits that the customers love to receive from any company they wish to make contact or do business with. This necessity is most understood especially when you are planning to address a large number of customers all across the world.
Consider for example, that you receive business calls from customers not only from your native country but also from other countries. This is the case when businesses turn global. With your growing business needs to reach out to the customers from a wide region, you also need to scale your infrastructure requirements according to that.
Imagine your life in a traditional business telephony system environment. You would have to set up a large infrastructure dedicated to the particular language to each country, or in another instance, take your business to those particular locations where you are expecting to target customers for your business.
Thanks to technology that businesses today have cloud telephony services through which their customers can get in touch with them effortlessly. With the help of cloud telephony you can easily store the customer’s data on the cloud, so when the Chinese customer calls you, the Interactive voice response will respond to them in Chinese and cater to their needs in a language that they understand. Now, this is bound to wow the customer.

2. Anytime Response

Those days are long gone when businesses were functional only from 10 to 6. In other words, there was a time when customers had to remember the work hours of a business so that they could call and ask any queries or discuss solutions with businesses.
But then there was this big problem of unreceived calls after non-working hours. In a move to wow their customers, businesses have adopted cloud telephony. This essential move has solved such problems existing between differences of working and nonworking business hours.
Customers can call anytime now and their calls will still be answered through Interactive voice responses. And even if the customer care representatives are not available, the IVR record the customer’s query in many instances.
Consider, for example, the customer wants to know about the payment date of a policy in a business at a time when it is night time in your country. If the business is upgraded to cloud telephony services, the IVR will automatically tell the customer the details of their policy along with the payment date, without any delay.
Since the customer’s information is already stored in the cloud database, the virtual receptionist has no problems in responding to the customer’s query. This has eased the task of businesses and facilitated anytime service to the customers, thus wowing them.

3. Easy Solution

Cloud telephony also helps in providing a speedy resolution to the customer’s issue. Suppose that you are running a hotel business and the customer calls you to inquire about the status of their booking at your hotel.
In any conventional business, the representative would have had to pick up the record book and check for any reservations manually, meanwhile putting the customer on hold. This wasted the valued time of the customer as well as the representative.
However, with cloud telephony services, and virtual receptionist to answer customer queries, the customer now needs to enter their booking ID or other relevant information asked by the IVR through the dial pad and that is all that is required.
The computerized voice provides the resolution to their issue into time. This has not only wowed the customer, but also helped saved the representative’s time to answer such simpler issues.  

4. Waiting Time Reduction

One of the best advantages of upgrading to cloud solutions is reducing the waiting time of the customer over the call. The smart new generation telephony system is able to transfer the call to the best available representative according to the customer’s issue.
Consider for example that the customer wants to speak to the accounts section of your company. In this case, the Interactive voice response feature of cloud telephony would ask the customer to press a certain number on the phone’s dial pad to speak directly to the account people.
In this way, a lot of the customer’s time is saved by not explaining their problem to everyone who picks up the phone and only to those who are relevant people to answer their queries.
So, even the representatives can easily concentrate in a better manner on each customer since there has been a considerable reduction in the customer queues over the call.
Also, since most of the customer information is already fed in the cloud system, customers have to face much less trouble in explaining their query from the very beginning to every representative.
The customer reps already have a history of the customer’s problem, thus helping them to understand it better and provide a speedy resolution.

5. No call costs

Cloud telephony also facilitates the business with toll-free numbers that are easy to install and adopt for all kinds of businesses. A toll free is necessary especially if you are in a process of generating leads for your business.
As calling on a toll free number involves no calling costs, leads would be more comfortable in getting in touch with your business over the call. This can open many new opportunities for the business.
On the other hand, the longtime customers would also not have to pay any costs in order to get their issues sorted out. This becomes yet another excellent way to wow the customers by adopting cloud telephony services for a business.
Thus, cloud telephony can help a business in many ways and open many new opportunities for their growth. Most of all cloud telephony helps in achieving a better level of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the smallest of the customer problems and addressing them adequately.
These features are wowing the customers and helping companies keep with good business reputation.


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