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A* search algorithm in artificial intelligenceplays an important role in solving the challenging problems of the IT world. The most common problem of the programmers is the search problems. There is no doubt that search problems are used almost everywhere. Whether we talk about websites, software, Operating systems, and mobile applications.

A* is a searching algorithm that solves or we can say find the path from A point to B point. Now in this article, we will compile AI with A* algorithm to explain their functionality. Also how these two works together. But first, we should understand what is A*.


To make things time much easier and less time consuming, we can apply for search problems to boil the labyrinth. After that come up with a solution that can overcome any additional labyrinths we may encounter. But follow the same Not a rule/structure.

When the search algorithm is optimally owned, it means that it is guaranteed to find the best solution. In our case the shortest route to the state of Finland. This algorithm gives a guarantee of accurate results which is the reason why this algorithm is considered as one of the best path searching algorithm.


A heuristic function h (n) is otherwise an actual distance between n and the target node is never acceptable.
Therefore, the following formula applies to each node n:
H * (n) is the actual distance between n and the target node. However, the actual distance reduces the function, but whenever there is more than D. Then we can say a function that the accuracy of D (ie, at least so from the beginning to the end of the path Is not. D) production of.


This is a direct implementation of the graph structure of a *. For simplicity and brevity, the functionality for all nodes is defined as a Heuristic Function.
The graph is used to display an adjacent list of graphs. Where the edge represents the key nodes and neighboring each node with the value.


They calculate the cost of the optimal path between the two countries. Sliding tile is a game that each tile arrives in the target country. This is calculated by the number of moves calculated to perform the Heuristic task to combine these figures for all of the tiles.
A Heuristic function algorithm is faster helps to make the best decision more efficiently. This ranking is helping to follow the algorithm based on the best available information. And determining the best branch. Optimization and stability are two basic properties of the Heuristic function.


The A * algorithm is very robust with virtually unlimited capacity. However, this is only as good as the morphological operation, which can vary widely, given the nature of the problem.
It has been found, navigating through machine learning and numerous application software systems. In which characters reach NPC complex areas of search engine optimization game development and players.

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