Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A Quick Guide on Writing Catchy Headlines and Subject lines to Stand out from the Crowd!

Whether it's a movie or a novel, the first thing that catches our attention is always the title.

Often we have heard people saying that never judge a book by its cover, but on the contrary it is one inescapable factor which we cannot tend to ignore—it’s in the human nature. The same falls true in digital marketing field as well.

Writing catchy headlines and subject lines is the first point of contact for user engagement. Say, if the first line of the article is not catchy do you think you’ll ever click it?

Well, believe it or not but the most important form of writing an article is the headline. If the headline is not catchy enough, then all those tiny words stuffed inside the blog post are useless.

While scrolling on Facebook you must’ve noticed millions of posts crawling over your news feed. There are tons of articles and humorous videos. But as a user we only click those links which appear to be more catchy and appealing.

For example on one hand if you see a title like “Ten iPhone tips” and on the other hand if the same content is written with some catchy headline like “10 iPhone hacks we bet you didn’t know!”. So now take a call and decide which one you will pick to click. The later obviously! This forms a prime focus of user engagement.

A catchy headline is the primary entrance for generating leads for your business.

Here are a few criterias that a Headline should fulfill

Share but don’t over share- A Marketer should know how to play smart. Only a small bait should be provided to the user, which is strong enough that he instantly taps on your link. If the headline will reveal the entire content of your blog article then why will the user click on it?

Hence, play smart with your headlines so that it always gives users a reason to click on your link.  

Stick to relevance

Always try and create headlines that are relevant to your blog’s content. Don’t waste your time in generating inappropriate taglines that don’t even associate with your blog’s topic.

Don’t try to fool users

First of all marketers should understand that users are not foolish. Hence, create genuine authentic headlines and don’t try to indulge users into fake/spam links.

The language

The first thing to be kept in mind while deciding a catchy headline for your blog post is, always think from user’s point of view. Pick topics that are relevant to your target audience. Ask yourself questions like, which topic would interest him more?  Or is the post good enough that user revisits your page etc.

Use Heading Tags

To strive best SEO results for your business, it is important to place keywords in the headings itself. Search engines pay special attention to the words in your headings because they expect headings to include clues to the page’s main topics.

Know your audience

Before framing the headline for your content, make sure that you don’t lose focus on knowing who your target audience is. For example if you’re writing a fashion blog then try using words like trendy ,glamorous to engage user’s attention instantly.

Create suspense

We are all familiar with “daily soap” TV serials right? What strategy they undertake? It’s the suspense or curiosity to know “What happens Next”. Business have to play the same game with their headlines too. Create a catchy and mysterious headline for your content that tempts the user to click on your link.

A few tips on Writing Engaging Email Subject Lines

Subject lines play a crucial role in email marketing. They're one of the very first impressions you have on your users. subject lines are actually the first thing that a user notice upon clicking on your email link. And they're a marketer's ticket for standing out in the crowd in this huge world of competition. Here are few tips on writing engaging email subject lines to boost user engagement.

1. Add a Personal Touch

You must’ve often noticed how big websites use this strategy while sending emails to recipients. An email starting with a personalized greeting always adds an extra effect on user’s mind. Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Plus, it increases clickthrough rate. Hence taking use of personalized tokens in your email subject lines can add a feeling of rapport.

2. Short and Sweet

Try and use subject lines with less than 50 characters to make sure the people scanning your emails read the entire subject line and get a jist of entire email summed in those characters.

3. Timings

Timing is Everything--they say! Sending the right email at the right time can create a huge difference in increasing click through rates and website traffic. And yes, also keep in mind that your emails are not being delivered to users during odd hours like midnight or early morning.

4. Make them Feel Special

Everyone loves to feel pampered, it gives them a sense of belonging that could build loyalty and compel them to convert better on your emails.

5. Create Action Oriented Emails

Email Subject lines that begin with action verbs tend to be a lot more enticing, and your emails could be drastically more clickable by adding a vibrant verb at the beginning.

6. Say it with a Question

Starting your email with a question always draws user’s attention. For example: Using question phrases like “Are you making these common SEO mistakes?” or “Do you know what your website is doing wrong?"

Other than this, you can also try and indulge users in email campaigns, they really help in to build familiarity and trust around a product or service. One of the most common example of email Campaign is,starting with a welcome email that thanks a new contact for opting in to your subscription.

So here was brief summary on how you can create catchy headline tags to boost user engagement for your business.

Good Luck :)

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