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A Brief Guide to Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Marketing

IEO Marketing Guide
As we move deeper into the cryptocurrency era, many new terms keep introducing themselves. IEO is one of the latest terms that we are hearing about. IEO refers to the initial exchange offering, which is a type of token sale in which tokens are sold through a third-party crypto exchange platform, and not directly by the holding company.
The benefit is that startups get a more reliable and convenient platform to raise funds by selling their cryptocurrencies and investors get a more trustworthy way to find and invest in credible tokens.
IEO Initial Exchange Offering
While the process of creating and launching an IEO is not a big hurdle, thanks to the services provided by popular exchanges, marketing an IEO is a completely different deal. How well you market and promote your IEO (IEO Marketing) to the targeted audience will make all the difference between the success and failure of your token sale.

Why An IEO Marketing?

Wondering why need to market your IEO in the first place?
There are many reasons.
For one, crypto investors have become much wiser and more familiar now than they were until a few years back. In order to convince them to invest in your token, you’ll have to properly and effectively tell them everything there is to know about your project. In other words, you’ll have to put a lot of efforts into IEO marketing.
Market your IEO
Second, you cannot simply rely on the exchange to market your IEO. They get hundreds of projects every day and list many of them. They do not have the time or interest to market each of them effectively. Yes, they will do the basics, including building a user base for your token, expanding its reach and visibility and ensuring its authenticity, but marketing your IEO is something that you’ll have to manage on your own.
No one knows your project better than you do, and therefore, there is no one better than you to tell potential investors about it. So, whether you’re managing the marketing of your IEO through an in-house team or planning to outsource it from an expert IEO marketing company, you should have an active part in the overall process.

How To Effectively Market Your IEO

Even when you’re launching and selling your tokens through a third-party platform, you should in no way underestimate the importance of marketing. Instead of completely relying on the exchanges to handle all the marketing needs, you should have a proper marketing strategy to ensure the success of your IEO.

Start Early

By the time your IEO is listed on the exchange, it will be too late to start marketing. Therefore, you should start engaging the audience right after the project idea hits the floor, preferably before the IEO launch.
Start IEO Marketing Early
And before you start marketing your project, make sure that you identify the right audience to target, including the particular demography or market in which your product/service is going to find its customers.
All the research about the potential customers and market, their problems, expectations, needs, etc. must be done well before the project/IEO is actually launched. This will give you a better premise to market your project to the right audience in the right way.
In addition, this will also support your case during the registration at an exchange launchpad. Owing to the high competition between new projects to get listed on the exchange, the exchanges usually have strict listing criteria, which may work in your favor if your project already has a good enough market presence.

Research And Implement

Marketing has evolved a lot over the past years. You cannot expect to reach a vast audience using the same old marketing techniques. Today, marketing is more about what your customer wants than what you, as a business, want.
IEO Research and Implement
Basically, in order to market your IEO effectively, you should do some research to find out the things that interest your targeted audience and implement the same into your marketing strategy.
For instance, if one of your target customers/investors is looking to invest in a project which aims to solve a real problem of the industry while at the same time has good potential to produce high returns, you can present your project in a way that fulfills those specific goals.
But, make sure not to lie to your customers or promise something that you can’t deliver. Negative marketing, same as positive marketing, goes a long way.
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Get A Separate IEO Marketing Budget

While deciding on your project budget, you should absolutely keep separate funds for marketing. Many IEO projects tend to ignore or underestimate the importance and therefore, do not assign a budget for the same. But it is strictly not recommended.
IEO Marketing Budget
Having a dedicated budget for IEO marketing will enable you to spend righteously for the promotion of your project. For instance, you can pay free (bounty) tokens to other crypto investors for marketing your project through social media, forums and other means. Moreover, you can set aside a specific budget for paid promotion (advertisements, etc.).

Build Public Relations

Public relations (PR) and media are another very effective way to get the word out there about your new startup/project/IEO. Depending on the quality and credibility of your project, many PR agencies might be willing to work with you to distribute relevant information among the user communities.
Build Public Relations for IEO
When you market your IEO through an established PR agency, there is a high chance that your project will get benefited from the company’s reputation and more prospect investors may want to invest in it.
In order to create effective and fulfilling media relations, the best and proven method is to write guest posts. As an alternative, you can also create and submit press releases on a number of well-known news portals.

Airdrop And Bonus Sale

Before the launch of the IEO, you should conduct one or more airdrop events under which you can offer free or bonus tokens to anyone who is interested in talking about your project/token on social media and other places where your targeted audiences exist.
IEO Airdrop and Bonus Sale
Word of mouth is the best way to generate a healthy buzz about your IEO in the target industry, creating leads and traffic that actually convert.
The concept of airdrop is quite simple. All you have to do is put aside a small number of tokens to be distributed among the people who help you promote your project/token on social media and other places. You’ll have to define the airdrop strategy, rules, reward distribution and other related things beforehand.
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Hiring A Professional IEO Marketing Agency

If you do not have the time or skills to adequately market your IEO to the targeted audience, you should seriously consider hiring a reputed IEO marketing agency for the job.
There are a number of companies which can genuinely help you with the creation, launch and marketing of your initial exchange offering. The previous work, skills and experience should be the primary factors in deciding the right company for the job.
IEO Marketing Company
Experience matters the most. A good marketing company with experience in IEO listing and promotion will not help you identify and leverage the right opportunities (audiences, markets, etc.) for the marketing of your project in the best way but also they can help with the exchange listing and approval process.
While hiring an external marketing agency, you should be ready to accept the fact that even the most qualified marketing agencies will not offer you a guarantee. And if an agency is promising you success guarantee, they are most likely a fraud, because marketing (SEO) is an unpredictable thing at best.
Nevertheless, the right marketing will certainly help you get the results.
The difference between the success and failure of a new IEO can be greatly reduced through effective and targeted marketing.
Even when you’re launching your token sale through an established exchange platform, you should understand that no one will want to invest in your project unless they know all about it. IEO marketing is the best way to reach your targeted audience, engage with them, tell them about the project, how it benefits them and the industry altogether, etc.
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