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Technological advancements in the healthcare industry are increasing continuously. Whether it’s a new effective treatment, a groundbreaking facility or digital monitoring of patients, the healthcare industry is constantly working on providing the highest level of care and support for patients.
Like any other industrial sector, hospitals/clinics serve a vast number of consumers, and the majority of these consumers are depended on websites and apps to guide them with best hospital treatments. Honestly, the healthcare industry is a dreaded entity for patients and their loved ones. Everyone wants a guarantee and trust over medical services. So, in this digital world, how to build patient trust and attract them towards your expert services?
The answer is – Digital Marketing. Use these nine strategies that will help you retain existing patients, improve your practice, and add new patients.
1) An Easy-to-Navigate Website
Your website is the first impression your hospital/clinic will make on patients, and it is a deciding factor for patients whether to avail your services or not. So make sure your whole website is patient-focused and easy to navigate. An ideal site should be
  • Simple for visitors to make appointments
  • View hospital/clinic’s facility and resources
  • Easy to log in into patient’s account
These elements save your patient’s time and will, therefore, attract more patients.
2) Step Out from the Crowd
Do you have any customized approach for effective treatment? Let the world know about it. Here the catch is to do something not unique in a completely unique manner. Establish a strong social media presence with the help of video series. Getting your expert physicians and specialists on camera speaking about their expertise and medical experiences is an inevitable way to add credibility to your services.
The doctor speaking about their experiences or specific medical treatment increases the comfort level of patients. The visual content, if appropriately drafted, can evoke feelings of hope, peace, and courage in patients, something that written content might not be able to create.
3) Sponsor Local Events
When was the last time you participated in community service or fundraising events? Engaging with a new crowd is the best way to build a positive image of your practice and medical services. Step out of your regular networking schedule. Sponsoring events through unexpected means will help you get noticed among people who might become your future patients or a reference provider.
4) Directory Listings
Online directory listings are comprehensive platforms that refer to an online database that connect users to relevant service providers. The directories contain your business name, address, phone number, and website link to help your patients and consumers find you on the huge directory platform. The directory listings amplify your online presence, improve local visibility, and help you get discovered more.
5) Distribute Press Release
There are many digital PR platforms where you can release your press releases. The digital press release is not just cheaper compared to traditional media PR but is also fast on execution. From a digital marketing perspective, digital PR can be leveraged and synergized to create maximum impact on consumers and patients looking out for the treatments you provide.
A strong PR campaign will help you influence your audience. How? A strong message or treatment success stories delivered by expert specialist creates more impact on patients and motivate them to consider the medical procedure.
6) Pay-Per-Click Advertisement
There are many compelling benefits of PPC advertising. Whether you want to build a strong brand image or reach a broad audience/patients in need, PPC can have a significant positive impact on your healthcare services. If you are not doing PPC marketing, you might be losing patients who are in desperate need of your services and guidance.
While there are many nuances about default campaign settings, PPC campaign runs under your control. You can decide how to reach your potential patients. The most important benefit of PPC advertising is, you determine your budget. If you witness positive results (such as an increase in the number of the patient query, patient visit, or treatment demand), you can scale up the budget immediately.
7) Patient Referrals
One completely healed patient might bring you four new patients but, one bad experience of a patient will lose you, ten patients. Patient referrals are a game-changer in the healthcare industry, and it all depends on your services, care, and support towards patients.
Each time a patient tries the new treatment in a new hospital/clinic, the hope of excellent service and fear of malpractice together runs constantly through their mind. Patient satisfaction is paramount. You can achieve this by
  • Adapting new technology in your facility
  • Communicate with your patients to make sure they have completed their course of treatment.
  • Listen to your patients
Referral marketing triggers the growth of your medical practice and brand recognition.
8) Social Media Marketing
Because 3.5 billion of the population is on the social media platform, Social media marketing is something no business should ignore. In the case of the healthcare industry, the social media platform is the first place where your patients will search for your services and try to contact you. If used right, Social media is an excellent promotional tool for the healthcare industry.
Sharing videos and blog posts highlighting your staff personnel and specialists offering a specific treatment, facility, care, and support will bring thousands of positive patient reviews. A social media presence is an excellent way to reach your patients on a broader scale.
9) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Last, but not the least, your easy-to-navigate website, engaging content, strong brand image, and social media presence are of no good if you cannot be found online. Through the use of SEO attributes like using specific keywords that your patients might use for their health concern research, your website gets ranked on the Google search list. You are visible to your targeted audience and get ahead of your competitors.
Determine some strong keywords most popularly searched by the patients (it can be a specific treatment that your hospital provides or a customized service found only in your clinic). Develop engaging and informative content around those keywords and link it with your website pages. Having your practice website and services ranked among the top 5 slots of a search engine will retain your patients while adding new patients and developing your brand image.
Wrapping It Up
If you are still not convinced or are unsure about trying digital marketing services for your hospital/clinic’s brand recognition, contact our digital marketing agency experts. We focus on educating our clients with every possibility, benefits, and results our services will provide to their practice. This initiative creates an opportunity for our clients whether or not to choose digital marketing services for the betterment of their healthcare services.

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