Saturday, 23 November 2019

7 Ways To Write Emails People Respond To

There could not be worse than writing a mail which gets responded. Think about the service or product you are offering and it goes off unheard. Will make you feel bad, right? Well the problem is how you write your mail.
We live in a social media world today where people are mostly active on. They go through tons of content pieces in the news feed and access to mails only if they receive something important. Hence you need to send them an email which is actually reacted upon.
The whole point of email – for the most part – is to communicate quickly and effectively. Those two points are consistently overlooked. It has been noticed that when someone does send a bad email it’s either
  1. way too long
    2. has no point.
So, the question is how do we write that kind of email?
Listen, when you’re sending an email, I get it. You want to say everything. But, please don’t. Especially if you’re emailing someone for the first time. Keep emails anywhere between 3 to 5 sentences. Anything else is torture, cruel and unusual punishment and if you ask me, just totally uncalled for. Here’s an example of an email I send out when inquiring for freelance writing work:
Not necessarily that you send an email and you tell them everything, nobody likes to see those emails which are way too long. They don’t have time or they will just scroll down. Not more than 5 sentences which are completely to the point. Anything more than that could be nuisance.
Even with an email being 3 to 7 sentences long, depending on how long the sentences are, it can still get a bit lengthy. Break up your sentences so your email isn’t some overwhelming paragraph. Also, look over your sentences and edit them to be shorter and have more clarity. And try your best not to repeat the same info in various sentences.
What is the point of sending this email?!
That is the question you should always ask yourself before sending an email. So important. And if you can’t answer that question, you should not be sending an email. If you clearly don’t state the purpose of the email, you better don’t send it, because it will be trashed.
We sometimes add compliments and small talk. There’s nothing wrong with a compliment if it’s short, sweet and doesn’t take up more than a sentence. That’s it. Keep the email going and most importantly, direct.

Well, often while sending emails, you should first think about the subject line. Often when we book our flight tickets we get a confirmation mail from the airline company about the time and flight no. Similarly, you should be sending an email that interest the person to open it. For example if you are SEO services, write, “Your Website Ranking Is Going Down”, yeah, it depends on who is receiving the mail. So you should know who to send, that database you can get from your sources.
So here we conclude the write up, was it useful?

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