Wednesday, 6 November 2019

7 Tips to Create an Interesting Survey That Works!

Do you know about your customers?

Survey is a data collection method used to gather information from individuals. This is the best medium to get customer feedback, know your audience, understand how customers see your brand, understanding their buying habits, and make important marketing plans.
If you want accurate information, you must ask right questions.
Do you want to learn how to create an interesting survey? Here, we’ll discuss 7 proven tips to create a good survey which improves the response rate.
In this article, you’ll find a checklist and an infographic.

#1. Define Purpose of Your Online Survey

  • What is the goal of this survey?
  • Why are you creating the survey?
  • Who are the right people to ask?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with this survey?

#2. Keep The Survey Short and Simple

  • Keep the survey short and focused as possible to get higher response rate.
  • Focus on important things which meet your objective.
  • Thank respondents for taking the time to give feedback.

#3. Keep the Question Simple and Focused

  • Try to make your questions as specific and direct as possible.
  • Don’t ask ‘Yes/No’ questions because respondents have a tendency to answer yes to move further to complete the survey quickly.
  • Give them a pick-list & ask if they use any of items listed.
  • Avoid unnecessary questions. Questions must be clear and precise.

#4. Consider Your Audience and Offering an Incentive

  • It is most important to consider your audience, For example, for employee surveys, you should send during the business week.
  • Offering an incentive is usually very effective at boost response rate.

#5. Test Your Survey Before Launch It

  • Test your survey before sending it out to. Best surveys do not have mistakes.
  • Check the questions for spelling, order and grammar errors.
  • Are there any questions that are confusing?
  • Is survey format is lengthy?
  • Is survey going to target the right people?

#6. Explain What The Survey is About

  • Draft some introductory text to explain what the survey is about.
  • Decide how you want people to complete your survey (do you want to give them an exit option).
  • REMEMBER to close your survey!!

#7. Don’t Forget to Promote It

  • People want to share surveys with friends. So just add sharing buttons on your survey page.
  • Promote on forums and discussion groups, in your blog, your social media pages or profiles, and by email.
    7 tips to create a survey

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