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7 Tips for Creating a Great Design Portfolio on Instagram

There was a time when people did not use the internet. During these times, the graphic designers had to put a lot of effort into putting together the printed portfolios with the hope that they would get interviewed by some reputed business someday and get work. However, times have changed and the entire world is connected to the internet and it is extremely easy and simple to see the work of the graphic designers. If you are a graphic designer, there are chances that you have a blog or you own a website. But you can never be sure that it is enough. After all, you need to get people to visit your website or blog and you have to understand how you can do that. You have to analyze how you can allow your work to be unique in comparison to the thousands of other graphic designers that are spread in the competitive market. Currently, more than a billion people are using Instagram to share visual updates regarding a number of interesting things. Many graphic designers are also making use of Instagram to build their portfolio, and why not, Instagram caters your work to a wider audience.
However, you have to understand how you can build a great portfolio to stand out in this competitive era of graphic designing. Listed below are few of the professional tips that you can consider.
Decide the designs that you want to upload on Instagram
You might have created numerous designs over time. However, you should sit down and select only the best ones and upload them to your Instagram account. Uploading all your designs is not something that is advised as there may be a few designs that have numerous errors as well. Your target clients will normally have the eagle’s eyes and they will spot any error very easily. Therefore, you should select only a few designs and keep your portfolio simple and clean.
Selecting the strongest pieces
A few of your designs must have received a number of positive comments. It is best if you can upload these pieces along with a caption mentioning that these pieces have been selected by your clients in the past. This will allow your target clients to have a look at these pieces more intently, and they might be able to make a decision about hiring you.
Going for variety
Do not just end up selecting a particular and singular form of your designs. You should concentrate on selecting a wide variety so that your clients can understand all the forms that you have expertise in. This will allow different kinds of clients to visit your profile.
Also, the designs should be uploaded in such a manner that the clients do not think that you have taken the pieces from someone else. Evaluate each and every design before you decide to upload it.
Avoid uploading blurry designs
When you upload blurry designs, the prospective clients may think that the designs have been taken from someone else’s profile. To avoid these kinds of negative impressions right at the beginning, you have to be tactful about what you are uploading.
Clear images of your designs will help the clients to evaluate your work in a critical manner, and if they like the way you have created the designs, they will surely contact you with their business needs. A blurry image or a screenshot may drive your target clients away, and your Instagram portfolio will not be viewed anymore by them.
Staying current
Just because you have been designing for more than four or five years, it does not mean you will include designs that are that old. It is obvious that the designing trends are changing, and you have to stay current and updated. No business will want any design that is backdated or not trendy. Upload designs that are not older than a year.
This will give an impression to your clients that you are trendy, and you can update yourself in accordance to the changing trends. Thus, they will hire you with the hope that you keep designing the latest trends for them in the future. You can visit Gramblast to know more about graphic designers and Instagram.
Uploading behind-the-scene works
There is no denying that when you are designing, you are putting in a lot of effort. Why not upload these scenes as well? You should show your clients the manner in which you start from the scratch and how you exert so much effort in order to make your design stand out and presentable.
When clients understand your effort, they get the hints that you will work equally hard for all the designs, irrespective of their kinds. They will also be able to view how you do your work in a clear manner.
Providing a detailed and interesting bio
This is perhaps the most important part of your Instagram portfolio. You should be able to provide an interesting bio along with links back to your blog or website. If clients like your work, they will be looking for a way to contact you. Though they can direct message you on Instagram, it looks more professional when you provide the contact details or a link to your website. Also, it is best to mention in the bio if you are looking for new work, or you are not open to doing projects currently.
This shows that you are professional, and you also have experience in the field. Also, if you are working on any projects, it is best to mention that as well. When clients see that you are already working for a reputed company, they will not hesitate at all before hiring you. They will contact you directly to provide you with an insight into their project and ask your service charges.
An online presence is very important in this competitive market of graphic designing. When you build your online portfolio on Instagram in the best possible manner, you will end up getting more work from numerous reputed businesses.

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