Monday, 11 November 2019

7 Secrets About Entertaining Google Easter Eggs That Nobody Will Tell You

I know you’re too busy in your daily life, and have lots of work to do. But, however, there is some part of the day that would be barely passed, and you would find yourself in the boring world. And, I guess that you’d wish to do something entertaining to extract your mind from that creepy moment.
Probably, you’d be playing game on your computer, reading jokes, and chatting with your beloved. Apart from these, you could even do something different to kill that boredom and creepy feeling, and that is playing with Google Easter Eggs. I don’t know whether you’ve tried all these strange things or not, but I wish to share with you.
Here are Some Entertaining Google Easter Eggs that you would wish to try:
Do a Barrel Roll
If you type “do a barrel roll” on Google, then your screen will make a complete 360 degree round.
Blink HTML
Just Google these two words “blink html” and these two words will start blinking on SERP wherever they will be.
Google Gravity
It’s another interesting thing that you can enjoy in your free time. You’ll experience gravity on screen while you type this url onto search bar.
When you search “tilt”, all the search results on SERP will be bent on the right side.
Atari Game
This is one of the best Google Easter Eggs what I like most. This is like a game, and you’ll too find yourself engaged once when you start playing it. What you’ve to do is, Type “Atari Breakout” on Google Image search, and start your fun.
Google In 1998
Imagine the life in 1998 especially Google what it used to be, and what today is. Google gives you a chance to look at How Google used to be at that time.
As Recursion means repeating things in an order, and same thing Google asks you to do when you type “recursion” on Google.
Google Moon & Mars
Google created pages for both moon & mars, known as Google Moon & Google Mars, allows people to see how they look like, where astronauts had landed. So, you should look at there too.
Dog Meme                                                                                               
After You Tube became the part of Google in 2006, Google brought 3 amazing Easter eggs to You Tube. And, Dog Meme is one of them. As you type “Dog Meme” on You Tube search box, all the fonts will be turned out to multi-colored comic sans format.
Harlem Shake
Type “Do the Harlem Shake” same like “Dog Meme” and it will fill you with happiness. All the video results along with You Tube start dancing with a lovely music.
Beam me up, Scotty
As you search for this phrase, the results appear like straight beam from top to bottom.
Auto Awesome Photo Bombs
If you’re familiar with the name of David Hasslehoff and his great fan, then you should look at these pictures. Type “Auto Awesome Photo Bombs” and find your hero in pictures.

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