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7 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Ever wondered why your Rival Businesses are growing faster and acquiring customers Double the Speed than you?
The answer is simple…!!
These businesses are expanding faster and connecting with existing and potential customers in a more interactive manner through digital marketing tactics.
Digital marketing, in essence, refers to the art of promoting or creating brand awareness among the customers using the phenomenon called the INTERNET.
Employing digital marketing tactics alongside traditional marketing strategies is a great way for you to grow your business at 10x pace, acquire new customers, and improve your brand’s online visibility.
Not sure yet?
Well, here are 7 genuine reasons WHY your Business needs Digital Marketing Services:
1. Get Proper Direction and Goals

Proper Direction and Goals
Yes, building a proper digital marketing strategy or campaign help your company get clear direction and proper goals in terms of
  • Acquiring new customers online
  • Building deeper client relationships
  • Improving Online Visibility
Without specific goals, it’s hard to actually predict what kind of results you want from your online digital campaign.
Writing a well-defined marketing strategy at the start of an online campaign will also help you define your target audience and achieve the desired results.
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2. Customers Prefer Digital Today

Customer Prefer Digital
According to 2019 most reliable research surveys:
  • “82% of consumers check online reviews and ratings of the product before buying it”
  • “Close to 25%, customers use social media and blogs to find new products, services and emerging brands”
  • “60% of the customers say they can’t live without their smartphones in 2019 and beyond”
Whether you believe or not, your customers and potential customers are all online. Today, if someone has an interest in your business, but they are unable to find a positive review about you online, they will simply choose someone else.
This is the way people do business today. If not all, most of your clients and customers do an online analysis of your business before choosing you.
Hence, it is vital for you to form a clear and coherent digital marketing strategy to shape your business online and connect better with potential customers.
3. Track and Monitor Your Digital Campaign and its Results Easily

Track Digital Campaign Result
Today, digital marketing programs for businesses work on a simple Mantra”
With a well-planned digital marketing campaign put in place, you get the advantage to see what kind of online promotional tactics are working and what isn’t for you and your business.
This valuable information will also help you identify ROI and further areas of improvement to optimize your running digital campaign as well as improve your future online marketing programs based on the current findings.
A plethora of digital marketing analytics tools like Google Analytics are already present in the market to help digital marketers and business owners like you to get a wealth of useful data about your campaign.
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You can easily check and test different ad content of your campaign to see whether they resonate with your target audience or not. Also, you can check the number of visitors on your site, page views, average user time spent on your site, conversation rate, bounce rate, etc. easily. All such data help optimize your marketing campaign immensely.
4. Save Cost, Increase ROI for Your Marketing Efforts
According to the Gartner report,
“40% of the business reported Increased Cost Savings After Implementing one of the Digital Marketing Tactics to Promote their Product or Services ”
The below Hubspot Chart also shows how Digital Marketing tactics Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) is better compared to traditional marketing methods:

Increase ROI
You can also have better Return of Investments (ROI) than traditional media and marketing channels by investing in digital marketing promotional methods. With the facility to track and monitor campaign activities and immediate result analysis, digital marketing helps you realize your ROI easily compared to traditional methods.
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5. Increase Your Business Reach

Increase Business Reach
Traditional marketing methods local print or radio ads limit your reach to targeted customer demographics or geographic location.
With digital marketing, those boundaries get blurred as you get the opportunity to look beyond that target audience and find new customers across oceans through new ways of digital-driven marketing.
Also, the new, effective ways of digital marketing give your increased customer exposure and build an effective brand recognition.
If you have a product or services that you believe is beneficial for the global audience or larger demographic, you better start with digital marketing to promote the same.
Through tailored blog content, social media and search engines, the possibilities are unlimited with digital marketing to help your brand, product or service shine in the online space.
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6. Engage Better, Improve Customer Relationships

Improve Customer Relationships
Digital marketing is also a great tool to foster superior customer relationships for your business. It helps you establish two-way communication with your customers, unlike one-way communication in traditional channels.
Through digital marketing, your business gets an opportunity to provide a more personalized, interactive experience to your customers.
Wondering how?
Posting interactive ads, tailored product recommendations and social media promotions are some of the ways in which digital marketing helps you engage with your customers in a better way.
Through social media vertical of digital marketing, you can engage & communicate better with customers, start discussions about your brand and also respond to all customer queries about your brand.
According to 2019 Ironpaper survey:
All these are some great ways to increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to repeat sales and customer referrals for your business.
7. Your Competitors are Also Online…!

Competitors Analysis
If you still don’t believe digital marketing is for your business, here are some facts to help you understand:
According to the 2019 Hubspot data:
94% of B2B marketers use One of the Digital marketing tactics to promote their business”
66% of customer purchase decisions are influenced by product video ads on social media channels.
Not only that big brands are using digital marketing strategies, but they are also increasing their spend on online promotion. Brands like Amazon, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, etc. spend more than $ 3 billion on Marketing.
An average company with 100 employees has also allocated 42% of their marketing budget on Online Promotion in 2018.
This shows that the majority of the brands today are using some form of digital marketing tactics to reach out to their ideal customers online. Hence, it is important for your business to match up with your rivals for survival in ever-growing online marketing space.
If you are still not sure whether your business needs digital marketing services or want to consult with an expert, feel free to reach us at SAG IPL to set up a meeting.
Image Source: hubspot
Image Source: marketreportgazette
Image Source: cxotoday

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