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7 Key Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business

7 Key Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business

So, you are running an offline business through which you either sell goods or services or both. Now, there may be two cases here.
In the first case, you are either completely satisfied with your current business, getting good enough leads and sales, and you’re perfectly contained. In that case, you need not read further. This article isn’t for you.
In the second case, you are still satisfied with your current business and its performance, but you also want to grow further; want more leads and sales; want more people to know about your business; want it to become a brand. In that case, this article is definitely for you.
And let me tell you right away, a website is what your business needs to grow infinitely in today’s technology-dominated world. But if you’re looking for more reasons than just my word, here you go for why you need a website for your business.

Why Your Business Needs A Website

As technology continues to dominate a big part of our everyday life, it is also having a major impact on the way we do things. Consumers are now more than ever seeking the help of modern technology means such as smartphones and the internet for researching a business before interacting with it.
Yes, that’s true.
People look for your business online before buying from you. In fact, more than 90 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business before they actually visit it. So, it doesn’t matter whether you run an offline or online business, here are the following reasons – why you need a website for your business.
1. Research supports it
Business Research
How much it is important to have a website for your business can be understood by the following results of a study conducted by Deloitte. According to this analysis, a small business with a website:
  • Is expected to create three times more jobs
  • Is likely to increase per employee revenue by up to two times
  • Will see a growth of nearly four times than the previous year
  • Will employ six times more people
And that’s true for all kinds of businesses and industries out there.
2. Consumers want it
Consumers Wants
We live in a digital age. And to woo new consumers and retain the existing ones, you’ll have to make it easier for them to reach you. With every consumer now spending on average five hours online per day, it is not very difficult to determine that a website (and/or mobile app) is the best way to reach your customers. In fact, most of today’s consumers want their favorite companies to have a healthy online presence so that they can easily reach and interact with them. A more astonishing fact is that companies without a website are considered less professional.
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3. Your business needs it
Business Needs
People are searching for your business online. A website will not only make it easier for these consumers to reach you but also it will enable your business to reach new dimensions in the global market. If one of the primary aims of your business is to be where your consumers are, a website can help you reach your customers more effectively while, at the same time, making it easier for consumers to find and shop from you.
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4. A better way to engage
Customer Engagement
What exactly does it mean to engage with a business? It’s not just about shopping with a company but also about interacting with it for queries, getting to know more about it, the company history, future plans, and more. And all this is possible via a business website (& blog). A study by LSA (Local Search Association) reveals that over 60 percent of consumers interact with a company through its website. So, if client satisfaction and happiness matter at all to you, make sure your business has a good quality website.
5. Digital content affects commercial (B2B) sales
Digital Content
Many businesses, especially the ones in manufacturing and B2B industries, argue that they do not need a website or any kind of online presence because their industries are not online. If so, what you have to say about these facts?
  • Over 70% of B2B buyers have accepted that their buying decisions are affected by digital website content.
  • More than 60% of buyers make their purchase decision solely based on digital content.
  • An average B2B buyer makes about 12 online searches before talking to a vendor, and nearly 57 percent of the buying process is concluded online.
That must have some impact on your business in the B2B or industrial sectors. So, if you care about growing your business, a website is the way to go.
6. Consumers judge a company by its website
Company Website Judgement
It’s true.
While not having a website may slow down your business growth, having a poor quality website may do even more harm. Research shows that over 70 percent consumers judge the credibility of a company based on the design and quality of its website. If your website is not up to par, a consumer may simply leave it and go to another business with a better website.
Your website is usually the first place people visit to check the company’s credentials, about, reviews, services, etc. Make sure you have a good, SEO-optimized business website.
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7. Beat the competitors
Beat Competitors
If you have a competitor who is doing rather well compared to your own business, I would bet that they have a website that consumers love to visit and shop from. So, the only way to beat them is having yourself a website which is better in every aspect, including design, user experience, sales and service.
A well-optimized website that ranks well in the search engines can give your business wings, literally.
To conclude,
A big part of your existing and potential consumers are searching online for you. If you want to be found by them, it is crucial that you take your business online. And what a better way to do it than a good, well-designed, user-friendly, and impressive website.
Now you aware why you need a website for your business. If you need help with building yourself a great-looking business website, Contact SAG IPL Website Design Team to discuss your project and requirements for free.
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