Wednesday, 6 November 2019

7 Insanely Effective Ways to Promote Your New Website

Just getting online with a website isn’t enough. Like you need to package your product to sell it properly. Similarly, you need a proper strategy for online website promotion to get traffic on your site.

Website promotion can be a terrible thing, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get more traffic to your site by employing some methods and tactics that have proven to work for others.

While some of these tactics will not deliver results overnight, you’ll be agreeably amazed to see how easy it is to get increased visitors and promote your website.

So, are you all set to promote your site online?

If yes, then wind up your sleeves and act on these best seven ways to learn the fastest & most powerful ways to Promote Your New Website.

1. Write content that whooped “Share me” or “Link to me.”

Your content is one of the most significant sections of your website. Mediocre content is not sufficient. Your content piece has to stand out as the real in the niche and be worthy to rank high in Google. Examine what others have written on your topic and do everything you can to make your articles even better.

Quality content addresses problems by describing various solutions that anyone can use. Long and informative content receives more social media shares and wins backlinks from authoritative domains. The unique content benefits you get more traffic to your website.

Consider about your users and what they anticipate to learn from your blog post. Deliver actionable guidelines that they can immediately apply.

It’s also necessary to communicate with your readers and ask them to participate in the article by dropping comments. If your content is well worth able, it will genuinely allure social media shares and backlinks. Don’t be scared to ask your users a courtesy.

2. Acquire competitor’s best backlinks

Simultaneously with content, your site also demands quality backlinks from famous sites, to get effective SEO results. You can discover new backlinks possibilities by examining your best competitor’s backlinks. Nevertheless, do consider that not all of their backlinks are good, and you shouldn’t replicate all of them. You can use Ahrefs for it.
By examining your competitor’s backlinks, you can find:

1. Bloggers are ready to share or link to your content.
2. Blogs where your opponents are contributors. You can make efforts to become a contributor there as well.
3. The backlinks that are promoting them rank high in Google.

3. Become a guest blogger

Before you even commence considering that guest blogging is dead and has no future, STOP!!! That’s wrong. Guest blogging is still alive and great. What’s dead and going to be less and less important are guest posts on very low-quality websites.

The guest contribution is one of the most effective ways to promote your site. You can drive referral traffic from sites relevant to yours and attract new visitors that share related interests to yours.

These are some things to think about guest blogging:

1. Always add your Twitter handle in the author bio to assist readers clearly follow or get in touch with you.
2. Don’t be a backlink whore and chase only do follow backlinks.
3. Your guest posts content has to be at least as good as the articles you wrote for your website. It’s about the opportunity to get your name heard in front of a new crowd.
4. Only draft guest posts for blogs that are well authorized and have a good prominence. A simple rule would be not to write for sites that are of lower quality than your site.

4. Do Affiliate Programming

Begin making affiliates! You reward the affiliate only when someone he/she refers, buys a service from your company. As people make money by mentioning your site, they promote you through word-of-mouth publicity.

5. Regularly send e-mails and newsletters to your potential customers

Yes, that’s true- regular emails are a healthy habit of promoting a website. So begin forwarding e-mails and newsletters of your business to lists of your current and considered clients. Use email marketing solutions and forward them all relevant news about new launches, blogs, product specifications, monthly updates, announcements, etc.

Just be cautious that your clients/prospects should opt-in for your emails, and you should not spam them.

6. Build quality backlinks

To get more organic traffic and enhance your overall SEO, you have to build backlinks. Link earning is not often a viable solution, particularly if you are in a monotonous niche.

Only consume time on building quality backlinks and nevermore on suspicious opportunities. Bad backlinks can do more hurt than good, and in some forms, they can lead to Google penalties.

7. Link exchange

Start following barter-system! Ask others to add links to your website on their websites and in return, add their sites’ link on your site. But this is beneficial only if you do it with sites of good ranking; otherwise, this strategy may backfire.

Bonus Point: Design infographics

Infographics have commenced becoming very famous a few years ago, and they are yet one of the reliable ways to build quality backlinks and drive traffic.

An infographic that goes viral can give thousand of possible clients your way. Producing an excellent infographic is not as expensive as you might think, and it can convert out to be the simplest way to build backlinks and improve SEO.

Wrapping Up

Although there are many helpful resources available that can help you promote your website and make it more noticeable, engaging in these eight tips will get you on the proper track fast.

If your aim is to stand out in the sea of websites and blogs that pop up all over the place daily, compete for your audience´s awareness, use some of the tips as mentioned earlier. Trust me; you will not be disappointed.

If you want to understand more about online promotion activities, feel free to drop comments below.

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