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7 Digital Marketing Tactics to Launch Your New Product Flawlessly

Before we dive into the digital stratagems you can employ to launch your new product, we'd like to congratulate you and your team for making it through one of the most intensive and herculean phases of your business. Months of research, planning, testing, blood, sweat, and sleepless nights have finally come to a fruition. But your efforts in the real sense will pay off only and only when your product starts generating sales. So how do you that then?

Here are 7 proven digital marketing tactics that will create a splash for your product in the market

Tactic #1: PR stories

PR is relevant as ever. Whether you utilize its traditional format or digital or blend them together, it is a legit source of getting a word out for your product. Your product could have an interesting USP or it could be an offering that veers from what your company is known for if you have a story, PR will push it in front of those who would be interested to know it.
pr press release stories

Tactic #2: Creative launch campaigns on social media

As a leading digital marketing company in Pune that has assisted over 850 clients across diverse verticals to promote their products and services, we have always parlayed social media as an indispensable marketing asset. No other avenue can guarantee your new product surefire eyeballs and intrigue as much as social media platforms can. Two things to keep in mind - first you need to identify the social channels that would be the best fit for your product. There's no point in having SnapChat in the mix if your product is life insurance. Secondly, you need to keep your content bank ready - a few months in advance before you launch your product on social media. You need to work in tandem with your digital marketing partner to keep your content calendar ready.
seo friendly youtube video
Create a memorable hashtag, develop a teaser campaign on Facebook, whet the appetite of your audience by showing behind-the-scenes excitement, host a contest, make SEO-friendly YouTube videos and the list is endless.

Tactic #3: Product-centric events

product centric launch events
As much as you should focus on creating exciting digital experiences around your product, you, however, shouldn't rule out offline activities. This is why we recommend launch events. It gives you a perfect opportunity to train the spotlight on your product in front of your audiences and press. You present your product, show how it works, encourage people to ask questions, take bookings, and as a token of support ask them to share your event on social media. You needn't host a full-blown wine and cheese event but even a small social get-together with people whose word will matter will do you good!

Tactic #4: Videos, videos, videos!

videos seo youtube
Everyone loves watching videos and this growing penchant is picked up well by Facebook and other social media platforms. There is power in visual content, there's no denying. While companies do understand the significance of adding video content into the online marketing strategy, many of them don't know how more effective they can be if they are optimized. As a digital marketing company that also specializes in the creation of engaging videos, we always emphasize their search-ability aspect. The first step to this is creating original and memorable video and uploading it on YouTube. But it just doesn't stop here. Our SEO specialists suggest brands keywords that can be used in a video's description, title, closed captions, etc. to boost their videos' rankings. That’s Youtube SEO optimization.

Tactic #5: A good-looking and user-friendly website

Whether you are a retailer or a service-based business, the foundation of your company's online presence is the website. Your website needs to be a savvy mingling of images and text and must steer the visitor seamlessly from one step through to next.

Tactic #6: Get into partnerships

This is the digital equivalent of ‘you help me and I help you’ equation. The key here is to foster good relations with brands that sell products that are related to yours (read related not the same as yours). So say, for example, you are a pet food brand, you might want to partner with pet-friendly retreats or pet hostels to launch your product. Likewise, you can also reach out to influencers in your niche and collaborate them for a competition or campaign or giveaway.
get into partnerships
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