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7 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid No Matter What

Content marketing has become the norm. Whether you want to attract new customers or keep your existing ones enticed — content marketing is the key to maintaining happy and healthy relationships with your community.
As a company offering content marketing services in Pune, we are approached by clients to set up and bring off content strategies. Some clients tried to start on their own while some reached out to agencies claiming to be experts in the field but they didn't quite get the results they wanted. That's probably because they made some mistakes and slip-ups.
But as they say, mistakes are the milestones toward success. In this blog post, we are sharing the commonly made mistakes content marketers make along with their solutions -

Mistake #1: Trying to be the jack of all trades

Let's say you are a company selling kitchen appliances and you have a blog that talks about gardening, interior trends, traveling, pets, and general news. Do you think this would resonate with your audiences? Of course not. It's confusing, unnecessary, and totally unhelpful for your readers. An experienced content marketer understands the wisdom of finding the unique voice of your brand through the content and sticking to the topics that are related to your business.

Mistake #2: Copy other's work

Not only is it a BIG turn-off but also a HUGE blow to a brand's reputation when they are caught stealing content from other people or brands. In this day and age of internet what many don't realize is that copying can be caught and is a punishable offense. This punishment comes in the form of your content being struck down from Google and sometimes legal battles. Both are detrimental. So please focus on creating your own, unique and original content. If at all you wish you use somebody else's content — give them the due credit.

Mistake #3: Not having a plan in place

Content marketing shouldn't be treated as just another trick from the digital marketing magic bag. It has to be planned well in advance and executed meticulously if you want it to work. You need to conduct thorough research on what your target audiences might be looking for as opposed to creating content that which you think will help them.

Mistake #4: Being un-experimental

A few years ago, a client from the catering industry approached us with their problem, which was not getting the engagement they expected despite creating good content. Their problem was simple — they only relied on Google and didn't think about promoting their content on social media platforms. Today, with a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the brand enjoys qualified traffic and increased revenue.

Mistake #5: Being inconsistent with your activities

Inconsistency breeds unreliability. Let's say, you published 3 posts in a week and went into silence for three months and resumed your activity — Do you think people will engage with you? Definitely not. You need to be consistent, no matter what or else there's no dearth of other players who will be more active and out there to fill this period of inactivity.

Mistake #6: Posting desperate, marketing content

Just because there's marketing in the term 'content marketing', doesn't mean you need to deliver a sales pitch. Content marketing gives you an opportunity to connect with your target audience in a genuine way — share the information they will find useful or give them an insight into the human side of your brand. Don't go in for the kill from the get-go. Learn the art of subtlety.

Mistake #7: Trying to be everywhere

While mistake #4 talked about the perils and lost opportunities of being non-experimental, here we touch on those who try to be everywhere at the risk of losing their content quality. Every platform has its own USP and not every content format is easy to produce — take videos, for example. You need a team and a steady stream of ideas if you have a video in the mix. Doing something haphazardly will reflect poorly on your brand. Do only what you think you can spend your time and money on — on a regular basis.
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