Wednesday, 6 November 2019

7 Amazing Ways to Get More Action from Your Email Campaign

Writing emails might seem an easy way to communicate with a large circle but it can be equally tricky if you want your audience to be involved and have a look at your content.

If you have been running your email marketing campaign for a while, you might be aware of your marketing analytics and CTR, commonly known as the click through rates. These terms constitute an important aspect of your marketing campaign idea and are ultimately responsible for all the action received from your emails.
“Content builds relationships; Relationships are built on trust; Trust drives revenue.” Andrew Davis

Here are the best striking ways that will get you booming action out of your email marketing campaign:

Opt-in & Enticing Incentives

Your email should be your golden goose. This means that the customer should be compelled to click on the action link button provided in your email. It is called an ‘opt in’ feature as the customer look at your email and decides to provide you the rights to add content to their inboxes. You need the customers to sign up to your list so that you can send them regular emails.

This is the area of opportunity to earn your customer loyalty by providing them enticing incentives as they opt in as your subscriber. Send them attractive offers and drawing updates so that they sign up to your program and remain a loyal asset to you.

Determine Content

Email marketing campaign is all lead by the powerful and captivating content that you create to drive your email across the customers or recipients on your list. Content is the existing backbone of any email marketing strategy. Do not always be in a habit to boast about your product. Instead, provide the customer with striking platforms and engagements through which the customer can actively participate.

Consider Buzz Feeds attractive quiz that asked the customer about their favourite city to live. Questions or polls like these relate to the customer and they engross in your content. In another case, try relating your email marketing idea to a social cause that easily assures you conversions.
Mobile Optimized
A recent market study showed that the rate of people who open emails on their mobile phones grew by 30 percent between the years 2011 to 2015. It is advised to make emails responsive in their graphics and content so that they can be opened on the phones as well on other sized screens without any difficulty.
Another market research by
Litmus showed that the mobile open rate showed a striking hike of 500 percent between the years 2011 to 2014.
The responsiveness of your email will hold the customer longer to your content as well as provide you with significant click through rates. Try to use a focussed layout for your content that lays emphasis on your call to action link easily.
PONCHO does a great job:

Email Automation

Automation can work in wonderful ways if used correctly. It is also known as the auto responder series through which automated emails are sent.
Popularly known as the
drip campaign, an email is sent to the recipient when they perform some action like signing up etc. These are lifecycle emails and are sent at fixed time intervals such as: during sign up, 3 days after sign up and so on. Drip email is useful to the customer as it provides the right content at the precise time.
Suppose a customer signs up for a newsletter, a welcome email will be automatically sent to them along with a list of most popular newsletters after a few days. Look at the automated offer email sent by
Birchbox to its subscribers.

Shareable Emails

Who wouldn’t want to share emails? It isn’t shocking as emails are equally shareable as other social media content. Allowing a button through which customers can share the email will definitely assure more action for your email marketing campaign.
Customers would love to share a piece of advice that you provide or any tip with their friends through emails. This also facilitates you in increasing your recipient list and maintaining a loyalty base for your brand.
According to a survey by Get Response,
“Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158 percent higher click-through rate.” Think of Cook Smart’s emails that send you the recipes of some mouth watering delicacies. In a case like this who wouldn’t want to share it with their social group?

 Attractive Pull-ins
More attractive your email will be, higher will be its opening rate. Your customers will open your email again and again because of the little whacky quirky punches you put in there. Add images that catch the eye.
You may also use GIFs for a little edge over others.
GIFs are a huge hit. They are short and sweet and easily convey the message easily. One of the mails from Postmate sends an amazing eye-catching animated GIF that also acts as a captivating header. You too can add an animated GIF to your email that is relevant to your content and brand.
See How Ann Taylor LOFT used an animated present


Subject Line

Subject line is something that directly decides your email open rate. It is a one-liner that represents all your quality content for you. Make sure that the subject line of your email is whacky enough to gain the customer’s attention.
Consider the example of
Birchbox’s newsletters that for the month of February said, "We Forgot Something in Your February Box!” Now anyone would love to open such a mail as it also gives a sense of personalization. Trigger set your subject line so that the customer thinks it gains something out of it. Warby Parker’s email subject line says "Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring." Isn’t it wonderful for a brand of eyeglasses?

  Apart from having the very essence of your content, try not to add any distractions like unnecessary navigation details, offers or other posts, just in hope that something out of them will compel the customer to read the mail. Have a specific goal and build your email keeping that in mind. A personalized, focused and good looking email will definitely earn you all the action you have been waiting for.

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