Tuesday, 12 November 2019

6 Ways in Which Social Media Affects Marketing

Indians are some of the most active social media users. Thanks to smartphones and high-speed internet over 321 million Indians are on at least one social media platform. Some of the most popular social media platforms in India are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. A digital marketing company in Pune has found out that most internet users spend time on at least one social media platform every day, without fail. This emphasizes the impact of social media on our lives.
Social media has a great impact on the way corporates execute marketing campaigns nowadays. More and more companies are actively pursuing the path of social media marketing as part of their overall marketing strategies.
Social media marketing is a new avenue that is being explored and is an emerging pathway to digital marketing success. This blog will help you understand how social media is affecting marketing for all types of companies.
Following are some of the ways in which social media is affecting marketing:
● Search Engine Optimization
Search engine algorithms undergo major upgrades to keep up with the evolving technology and user requirements. Since the time social media has exploded, major search engines have been working on adding a little bit of a social media factor to their search engine results rankings.
This means having a strong social media presence could be beneficial for your search engine optimization as well, notes an SEO company in Pune.
● Increased Analytical Capabilities
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have built-in analytics for professional accounts and pages. They show the reach of the account, the active users, how much engagement the posts are garnering and so on.
Marketing becomes easier when you are using social media because of these advanced analytical capabilities. These analytics give you a clear picture of whether or not your social media marketing techniques are working.
Google Analytics and social media analytics perform a similar task but for different platforms. While Google Analytics is useful for capturing and analyzing data about your website, social media analytics is useful for your social media accounts.
● Increase In Inbound Traffic
One of the fundamental goals of any marketing strategy is to drive up the number of people visiting your website. Websites that have a high number of organic visitors are bound to have better search engine optimization and better brand value. Social media platforms allow you to link your website to your social media pages.
This makes your website easily accessible to social media users. More than 50% of social media users state that they found out about a company or a product through social media, rather than a direct search engine. This, states a social media marketing company in Pune, highlights the role of social media in increasing inbound website traffic.
● Better Reception On Social Media
People tend to surf social media sites to relax and unwind. This has a positive effect on their thinking when they are scrolling through their feed. This state of mind makes them more receptive to your posts and marketing. Your target audience is more likely to respond favorably to your post or ad on social media, according to research from a digital marketing company in Pune.
● Direct Interaction With Your Target Audience
As a business person, it must be very important for you to have direct interaction with your clients in some form or the other. Some companies execute events for their esteemed customers and some organize meetings and parties with their clients.
But one of the easiest ways to connect with your target audience is social media. Social media has made companies and brands easily accessible and identifiable.
More and more users want to leave product reviews or give a shoutout to companies they love and interact with the people behind the brand.
The negative side to this is that the criticism is also public. A lot of users have said that sometimes they give bad reviews to a company just because they wish to punish them. This is a cause for concern when you are using social media for business. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
● Geo-Targeting
Smartphones are now equipped with GPS systems that are able to give you the precise location of your target audience. Geo-targeting means targeting people based on their location. Geo-targeting allows you to penetrate deeper into a particular neighborhood or locality or city or country.
Geo-targeting can be customized as per your business preferences. All social media platforms have great features when it comes to geo-targeting, said a digital marketing company in Pune.
Social media is not just for individuals to share memories and happy occasions with friends and family. It is an empowering space which is a driver for business growth.
Social media is directly affecting marketing strategies whether they are digital marketing strategies or even traditional marketing strategies. A solid social media presence is a must have for every marketing department of every company.

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