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6 Creative (and Proven) Lead Generation Ideas You Can Try

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time devising new strategies for our business. One of the most important decisions we face is coming up with new and creative ideas to generate leads for the business. The end goal of many businesses is to generate leads so that they can be later turned into loyal paying customers.
Leads are important for your business as they help you by keeping your business afloat. And lead generation basically turns out to be a process of collecting contact information for potential customers and asking for their permissions to contact them with business offers and suggestions. The process of generating leads may seem tough, especially when you rely on conventional methods.

Similarly, sending cold emails and modifying your lists can be tiring because most people don’t always prefer to reply to your emails.
So, if you’ve run out of ideas or have hard time coming up with one, here are some refreshing and creative lead generation ideas that have proven benefits and you can try for your business.

1. Video advertise your products

Research indicates that 65 percent of the people are visual learners. This makes video a great way to advertise your products. You can take utilize this fact as an opportunity and turn it into a great way to attract leads.
According to a market research, videos that explain a businesses’ product help generate 33 percent more leads than other conventional ways. This means you can easily use videos to keep your existing as well as potential audience engaged and inspire them to convert or take the required action at the same time.
Videos must be used carefully and it is not advised to add videos to your landing pages simply because they look cool enough. If you want videos to count and help you generate leads then build purposeful, measurable assets rather than random bursts of action pieces.
You can also use videos to solve issues related to your product. Consider, for example, one of the videos from the video hosting platform Wistia:
Wistia video
Image Source: Wistia

2. Make a list of all the best practised steps

This is important and one of the most creative ideas that you can use to generate leads. Market analysts suggest that if you pen down a list of best practised steps or things for a topic, it is more likely to catch the attention of people. This method works because people like to know how others achieved success using the same practise that they are searching or reading about.
For example, if you an organization dealing with email marketing, you can write down a post that starts “Best email practices by experts”. It will help the audience find what they are looking for and they are likely to convert because what you are serving them is already tested and approved by the industry experts.

3. Pen down all the useful tools

If readers are interested in a particular topic or researching how to accomplish a thing, they must know the tools required to achieve their goals. This is again one of the best proven ways to attract leads.
Consider for example one of the Sarv’s blog post lists down all the essential necessary tools in email marketing that make life easier. It is good to mention and talk about the tools offered by your company but when you take time to rate and tell customers about other valuable tools, you secure a trustworthy and credible place in their hearts.
In return of this, you are attracting the kind of audience that is looking for the same solution as provided by you and can be a great way to attract leads.

4. Throw a give-away

Customers love valuable stuff that is available for free. And it is also a great way to attract leads. They key is to do a give away logically. Find your target audience and give them something that they actually need.
Giveaway creates a win-win situation for businesses as organizations get leads from email subscriptions or social media engagements. This creative way works because people basically get addicted towards an opportunity for a free thing and associate with your brand for future give-away.
It doesn’t matter if they lose or win they still continue to subscribe to your business. Consider, for example, eWebDesign give away of conversion rate optimization software
Image Source: eWebDesign

5. Encourage guest posts

Guest posts act as another wonderful way to attract leads. You can invite guest posts on your blog as this will expand your influencer’s network. On the other hand, you can pay them by money or the required expose in return for a quality article from them. It is a great way to build long-term relationships.
Another way is to write as a guest writer on other prominent blogs that customers visit often. These blogs already have the customer’s trust and reliability and will help you in gaining them as well.
Try to get exposure on such websites or blogs by writing a guest post for them. This way you are getting your required exposure and value in the eyes of customer along with a back link.

6. Go quiz savvy

Quizzes accomplish the task of boggling your brains and engaging people at the same time. People love to attempt fun quizzes and it can be a great way to collect their emails for business. You can offer a quiz to the visitors on your website in order to learn more about them and get their contact information. You can easily bargain for a new lead in return for the result of the quiz.
Consider for example the quiz by Eastern International college that is used to attract leads
Image Source:
These ideas can act as a lead magnet for your business. The proven techniques have not only driven conversions for organizations but also helped them get a lot of loyal customer base.
But whichever lead attracting strategies you choose to implement make sure that the content is useful to your audience so that they find your business catering to their needs at the appropriate moment.

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