Tuesday, 12 November 2019

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog to Increase Traffic

Do you look at your old photographs and wish if you could upgrade it now? Unfortunately, those are a matter of time that can not be reinvented. Thankfully, your past blogs or articles have the leverage to get rewritten, edited, or repurposed to a better version. According to a digital marketing company in Pune, any blog that is repurposed brings up more traffic on the website.
You might have noticed the recent trend of spinning off the old shows and running it in a much modified, and modern ways. Surprisingly, the original version earns more TRP than the previous one. As a blogger, you are someone who is selling not just your words but your ideas about a particular subject.
As a blogger, you always need to come up with a novel, innovative ideas that would leave your readers dazzled. Apart from delivering the insights you also want to keep your readers engaged and happy, and so you bust off to publishing new posts regularly.
However, what a blogger forgets that gems are always into treasure and hidden. The more blogs you post you create, you construct archives of deeply buried ideas and blog contents. Most of the bloggers get so focused on delivering new content daily, that they neglect in letting their readers discover the old blogs, and sometimes these past blogs go relevant to today’s scenario.
Again as a blogger, you don’t just write for spreading your ideas and delivering content, and you also expect specific traffic on your blog. According to a few well known digital marketing agency in Pune, the best way to raise traffic on your blog is writing relevant topic, using correct keywords and of course attracting more readers through reviving the old contents.

Here are five ways that will help you in repurposing your blogs:

1. Go Social:

As a blogger, you always lookout for new techniques to craft engaging posts. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., bring more engagement and is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your blog. Look out for the most popular blog post through google analytics and conclude an appropriate picture according to the particular post. 
Pair the post with a bote sized Instagram and facebook caption. We use social media platforms for entertainment and as a time-killing app. hence, it is essential to attract readers and force them to visit the blog. 
Use the short, catchy caption and tease the readers to check out the blog post. The more catchy tagline you produce, the more clicks you gain. Your traffic is also driven by the shares and likes of your social media reactors and readers.

2. Infographics and Videos:

According to a Digital marketing agency in Pune, Infographics brings 65% more traffic than traditional slideshare presentations.
 Infographics appeal more to the visual brains and don’t require much of our attention. Similarly, a video grabs more attention than conventional writeups. 
Turning your old blog posts into short, quirky videos or infographics can raise the traffic to approximately 75%. You can set your blogs into an interactive video that will also let your readers communicate with the blog.

3. Newsletters:

If you dealing with digital marketing services, you know how important it is to build a relationship. Repurposing your past blogs and sending them as newsletters to your existing readers can work wonders for your traffic. 
This acts as a reminder to the readers about your blog. Your newsletter refreshes information that may be relevant to the reader today.

4. Relate and State:

The most straightforward way to let your readers visit your old blogs is to relate and state. Trends and news are said to be frequent visitors. Hence, it is quite common for a particular trend to revisit. 
You can sum up your new blog concerning any of the old blog, by adding or updating a few more information relevant to the present day and pasting the link of the previous blog at the end. This would lead your readers to your last blogs. 
Revisits on the blogs increase traffic to a great extent.

5. Update or Expand:

The digital world is pacing in a tremendously high speed, and you need to maintain the gear yourself.
 If you are into digital marketing services, you know how fast the techniques, algorithms, and information change, which means your posts need to be Up-To-Date. 
Update your old posts by fixing the outdated information, refreshing the examples according to the recent trend, adding relevant images, graphs, and statistics, and most importantly adding the link of a blog that can relate.


Several other techniques could be described for repurposing your old blogs. As a blogger, you aim to bring more traffic conventionally. Repurposing or recycling your old blogs works miraculously for the traffic increase. Your blogs are the identity of your imagination, and your vision is what the readers wish for.
Do you have any other ideas for repurposing a blog or increasing the traffic? Write below in the comment section and let us know your views.
As a leading digital marketing agency in Pune, Digitizebrand helps you increase your clicks and guide you to become a successful blogger. Our aim is to provide the best digital marketing services in Pune, and supervise you reinvent yourself. Your blogs are your imagination, and they deserve to reach out to the world in a positive way.



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