Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Ways to Build the Environment For Employees So They Don't Quit

"Your employees come first. And if you treat your employees right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees and the rest follows from that."
-Herb Kelleher

Yes! No doubt that your employees are the pillars of the company, but these pillars can be hollow from inside sometimes which will only create a mess for you.

But somehow if you succeed to find out a strong pillar for your company after investing tons on your hiring process. Believe me, don’t let them leave you so easily.

It doesn’t matter who you are, a big organization’s CEO, an entrepreneur or a newbie businessman. If you’re reading this which clearly shows that you care about your employees and before that it shows you own some employees under you.

So, your basic motto is to earn a profit with the help of the best talent you can have under you. Let me tell you replacing an employee is more costly than most of the leaders think.

When an employee quits, you don’t only lose one employee, but you lose your time, your money, your energy, and effort that you invested in that person.

When you start feeling that you have lost a potential pillar of your company you make other employees work more and hence by doing this decrease the productivity of your team.

So, before jumping to the ways that how you increase your employee retention, let’s first check out a few reasons that could be responsible for you to face this situation.

5 Reasons Why an Employee Is Leaving You

There can be a number of reasons why an employee is leaving you. But the good news? You can control and absorb them.

1. Because They Can

Your employees are leaving you because they can. If you’ve potential employees, probably they would have a number of offers to catch on, which can increase their skills and fill their pockets heavily.

Tip: Keep your employees engaged and give importance to their interest and versatility.

2. Because No One Is Hearing Them

People leave you when they feel that their words mean nothing to you. When employees feel that their ideas and plans are none of your use and no one is giving highlight to them. They will feel better to leave you and join somewhere where she/he can get importance for her/his words.

Tip: Keep praising your employees in private or go for a public praising.

3. Employees Leave Their Bosses, Not a Company

He or she’s not leaving your company actually, but leaving you. Talk to yourself and realize that it’s only you who is responsible for the person leaving you and try to find out the reason.

Tip: Give special preference to your potential employees. That doesn’t mean that you have to ruin equality from your culture, but try to get rid of toxic employees because those are the most demotivating factors for your potential and much-required employees.

4. When Their Generation Is Neglected

When you’re running a company you have to accept one thing that you’re not going to work with only one generation people, but you can find all the three generations with you.

Where X generations are mission-oriented and Millennials prefer to be team oriented. This generation gap can be a huge reason for losing your employees.

Tip: Conduct a feedback session weekly or monthly to understand their priorities and their way of working.

5. When They Fail To Grow

Everyone is working for their own profit. You’re running a company to gain revenue and people are working for you to gain skills and self-growth. The time they will feel that they are unable to grow their skills anymore is the time you’ll lose one of your pillars.

Tip: Increase corporate communication and make them learn new things rather than converting them into a robot.

Here are 5 Ways to Build the Environment for Employees So They Don't Quit

1. Establish An Employee Oriented Culture

By Employe-Oriented culture, it doesn’t mean that every week you have throw parties for your employees, but you have to make them feel that their presence is required.

They are the running wheels of the company and not only the cogs of the machine. Make your working environment open and try to provide a two-way communication.

Nobody likes to take orders, but everyone loves to discuss matters. So, in spite of giving orders start discussing plans with them.

2. Showcase The Benefits And Provide Opportunities

People are not working for your company, but they are working for their own personal growth and skill development.

Stop being selfish and thinking about your own benefit only and start giving them versatility in their work and dig their talents and shoot them in the right place.

3. Make Small Rules

Employees can be of two types:

Those who love to be disciplined and follow rules.

Those who don’t care about rules and work on their own terms.

In a company, you have to deal with both of the types. So, better make small, light and the dumb rules that won’t touch the independence of the employees yet will provide an independent environment.

4. Concentrate on Mediocrity

It’s so important to list out those employees which come first on your preference list. It’s not at all worthwhile to invest your time and energy on C grade workers.

Instead of wasting time on them, try to get rid of them. As the most demotivating factor for an A-grade employee in any company can be working with C-grade workers.

So, focus the main pillars and give them strength.

5. Conduct Feedback Sessions

Feedback is important everywhere, whenever you need to change the situation. It’s important to understand the current situation. Conduct a regular feedback either monthly or weekly to understand your employees need and then start planning in accordance to that.

Conducting feedback is not going to help unless you won’t start working on your lower side.

So, now you’re full of why your employees are leaving you and how to stop them from leaving you. Now, all you need is to give time to your employees and start working for them, so that they can work for you better.


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