Tuesday, 5 November 2019

5 Traits of an Excellent Landing Page to Make It Memorable

Landing page let’s your customer have the first impression of your website. Undoubtedly it is crucial to all kinds of businesses. This first impression could be a difference between converting customers and disconnecting ones.
Therefore, it becomes important to pay attention to each and every detail of the landing page, as the loss of even a single customer is equally hampering to the growth of the business.
So, if have been looking for valuable traits to make your landing page a quintessential one, here  are 5 traits of an excellent landing page that will also make it a Memorable one:

1. Clear and Concise Call to Action

One of the colossal necessities of a business is to have a clear and distinct call to action link for their landing page. Maybe it’s ‘Call Now’, ‘Click Here to Learn More’, or ‘Sign Up’.
Since, landing pages contribute a great deal in getting desired conversions from your prospects; they should be prioritized in your marketing strategies. Your call to action link tells exactly what you want from your customers.
Many customers claim to have come across the landing page from email campaigns or other sources and left because they did not know what to do next. This is the reason it is advised to have one definite call to action link for your landing page.
Consider, for example, you have an online store of apparels.  Instead of placing a large number of categories and shopping options on your landing page, you can place a simple ‘Shop Now’ call to action link.
It’s bound to impact a sense of clarity in what you want your audience to do by reaching to your landing page. Also, writing too much in your call to action link isn’t considered beneficial. Use two to three words maximum and make every word count.
Consider ConversionLab wonderfully placed call to action link, that is both clear and concise.

2. Focus on Design

Design catches the customer’s attention more than words do. Remember that one of the first things the people are noticing about your landing page is your background and design.
Don’t let your users get distracted by unnecessary visuals and complicated designs as they may draw their attention away from the call to action links of your landing page. One of the most impressive traits of an effective landing page is its ability to speak out the maximum with minimum attributes.
Make sure there is plenty of white space on your landing page, make your fonts easy to read, add interesting videos, and create bulleted content so that the customer can grasp your information quickly.  
Consider the landing page of Teambit that stands out with its clear and crisp design elements and also displays the necessary information adequately.


3. Mention Your Important People

It is important to mention the important people of your team or notable mentions that you have received from reputed sources on your landing page. This is to let the customers know about your brand even more. Mention your important clients and top-notch customers, if you have them.
A lot of people will trust information that is from various sources, rather than just one. Consider for example that you were featured in a news article by the Times of India for excelling in your market space. Take advantage of it and mention it on your landing page as people scroll down. Give your customer an opportunity to read about your brand through reviews and comments that are standard and actually matter.
Many successful businesses also post distinguished customer experiences on their landing page that reflects the value and lasting relationship with its customers. In doing so you are establishing a reputable position in the eyes of your customer and making them more inclined towards your reliable business.
A tid-bit of your landing page must be able to manifest your social reputation and the reason that you’re known for your great products/services.
Consider this particular section of landing page by Codecademy that illustrates the point further.

4. Have a Clear Separation Between Content Sections

When formulating the design for your landing page, make sure that you are able to establish a clear separation between the imagery and written content of the page. Since the aim of the landing page is also to increase the customer’s understanding of your brand, do not try to overwrite over a complicated image.
In other words, each section of your landing page must have its own room to breathe. If you have much to write about something on your landing page, such as customer experiences, you can use pieces of visuals as delicate separations.
This makes sure that the users are not distracted by other experiences and get what they want from your landing page without having to put extra efforts. Single page websites use it as a significant tool to establish clarity on their landing page.
Ultimately, you are concentrating your entire customer’s attention at one point, which is the main purpose of your landing page. Consider this template for example:

5. An Effective Headline

The headline of your landing page is one substantial factor responsible for representing your brand. If you do not have a great headline, customers won’t stick along for long with your landing page and it leads to minimum conversions.
Just like the subject line of your email is important to catch your customer’s attention, similarly, the headline of your landing page makes sure that you are giving away the kind of message that you want people to perceive about your brand’s image.
Just like being clear and concise are two main elements of any content, your headline should revolve around it and speak out the best in minimum words. Think of what you actually want from your landing page.
Do you want your customers to learn about something, make a purchase or stay connected with you?
Now keeping these points in mind, design an eye-catching headline. Consider the distinct headline on the landing page of IMPACT:

You might be making some mistakes with your landing page that is affecting your conversions and letting you sit just one step away from being called as excellent.
Knowing how to implement these strategies will help in a better performance among your audience and drive desirable conversions for your business.
So, let your message land perfectly through a memorable landing page.



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