Thursday, 7 November 2019


According to a study conducted by Cisco it is predicted that by the year 2018, almost 84% of all Internet traffic will be video content. Videos are now becoming an integral part of many people’s SEO strategies. Videos greatly influence your content and marketing strategies and hence it is very important to position your video correctly for maximum exposure of your products and services. After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine and thus by including videos you can improve your websites ranking. The written content in many websites maybe good, but visuals make the product more appealing. People are able to understand the product better while seeing a visual demonstration. The SEO experts at Technooyster the best social media marketing company in Pune suggests the following 5 tips which will help to boost your video SEO Strategy.
 1. Fill up all Open Fields
In a video’s description on YouTube, do not leave any fields like description, title and annotations open. We suggest you do the following:
  • Put Social Media links, subscribe or the video itself in the empty space which will make it easier for people to share the video.
  • Be very clear as to what people ought to expect, what will be their take away? What will they actually learn? Hence we recommend that you use all top keywords In the description field which should also go in the
 2. Don’t Compromise on the Video Quality
It is very important that you capture the video perfectly and get the sound and lighting right. A poor quality video will hamper your company or product’s image in the online industry. Our experts suggest that you incorporate the following to enhance the quality of the video:
  • You can procure a microphone of professional quality
  • Apply the quality standards to your thumbnails also.
  • To avoid unflattering picture of a speaker gesticulating, take still photos which can be used as thumbnail images.
 3. Use Mobile Appropriately while Shooting Video
Smartphones have lot of sophisticated features and you can easily shoot a professional video using your mobiles. With cheaper data plans and Wi-Fi becoming more widespread, most of Youtube views come from the mobile. Hence it is a great idea to use your mobile for shooting videos. Check out these tips for ensuring quality:
  • Always turn your phone sideways while capturing videos as it will help to avoid the distracting black bars on the side.
  • As people use mobiles to watch videos on Youtube, ensure that you shoot video specifically for smaller screens.
 4. Plan a Proper Schedule
Jenna Marbles one an American entertainer and a popular YouTube personality, has approximately 15 million subscribers and her fans are aware that a new video will be uploaded every Wednesday. Both Google as well as YouTube keep track of user engagement. The most important question that crop up is how frequently do you upload? If you do it once in three months your video ranking will be quite low. Hence you need to properly plan your video uploads either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep you on top.
 5. Retain your Customers
Retaining customers and driving them to view your videos is necessary to stay on top. Here are a few tips which will help you to bring in more traffic and keep them:
  • To drive more people to your video channel, all you need to do is to include a simple YouTube widget on your website.
  • To organize a lot of videos, curating playlists is a good option. You can dedicate the last few seconds of a video to an end card, which will remind viewers to both subscribe as well as interact. 
  • To drive additional traffic you can also YouTube for cross-promotion with other channels.
  • To engage viewers respond quickly to their comments.
 If you are looking for SEO services in Pune to boost your video SEO Strategy all you need to do is to buzz us and we will take care of your requirements.

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