Saturday, 23 November 2019

5 Things You Should Know While Creating A New Logo

A logo is the most important element of your business. It is the identity that you will hold for the rest of your company’s life. Have a concept in your mind for the logo. Have you seen Amazon’s logo or Four Seasons’ logo, they have a meaning in it, and did you find it? Your logo is the first thing a person might come across when you hand over your visiting cards to them.
Your logo should communicate with your people. Make it look vibrant, make it look attractive, do not add more color and keep it elegant. Your logo should be easily recalled by clients and people. Some famous logos did not take much time make and use. Whereas some take a lot of time as there are many changes a designer has to go through as per the client’s understanding. However, they are never satisfied by it, they keep on giving you changes. Hire a professional designer to get things done. A designer’s perspective is different than that of a marketing professional who can just give advice.
Now this is very very important. Do not use Canva or Photoshop to create your logo because they do not create vector images. Vectors are scalable and can be stretched in any form without spoiling the quality. You can stretch upto any size without affecting the color too. Yes, you can use illustrator for this as there are capabilities on it but you might have to compromise with the quality.
You might have come across “logos” that are simply a cute font from online in a color that matches the brand. Anybody can change the color of a font so why pay big bucks to have somebody else do that for you? Now, there are such things as font logos but those logos are typically hand crafted fonts specifically for that business and usually have some kind of element or flourishes that match the brand of that business. Typically a font should be an element used to enhance your logo not solely the logo. If you choose a logo that is font based make sure that it can stand out and get attention.
Your logo is the first visual that potential clients will see. A professional logo will be eye catching, be able to help tell the story of your brand and add a personal element to your business. Investing in a professional logo may seem hard at first but the value of that logo is far beyond what you will pay. A misconception about an eye catching logo is that is must be bright and loud, but a well-designed logo can be simple and minimalistic and be just as appealing.
A professional logo should not be a generic logo that anyone else can buy. It should be unique to your business and align with your brand. Use the right elements in a way you are showing your business too and letting your potential clients know about your quality of work. Your business isn’t general, so why should your logo be?
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