Thursday, 7 November 2019

5 things to know about SRV Media…

5 things to know about SRV Media...

SRV MEDIA was started with the belief that “Digital” trends in India would be the next game changer. We also knew that many businesses within Internet will change the way business is being done in India. Our idea was to become an enabler for all start-ups and help them reach newer heights with the help of Digital media marketing.
We started with a small project and within no time the demand for digital marketing started increasing hurriedly. We realised over a period of time that to be an effective player , you need to differentiate yourself in the market. Today we proudly serve over 50 clients and following are the major attributes that differentiates us –
1. Do never say “NO” to your clients –SRV MEDIA believes in taking up challenges. When we started, we started on our own. We did not have an investor or a godfather who would pump in money for us to get started in a big way. We started with a very small project of SEO for 5 keywords. This was for 1 year. Slowly we started getting more requests. The requests were mainly through references of our family and friends. We had decided by then that we would explore more options. We were driven by self-belief and determination so as to make it big. We never said NO to our clients. We challenged ourselves to get into more and more services and deliver everything with perfection. I am happy that clients who worked with us from Day 1 are still with us and we are growing well. Today we have about 8-10 services and couple of customized products to boost about.
2. Great designing skills –Over the years, we have realized that designing is really important in this field. A good design can make a difference. Conceptualization of a thought process and bringing it over to the canvas appropriately can bring a lot of difference to your marketing efforts. We faced lot of challenges in the initial phases but now we are comfortably placed with one of the best designers in town. Our design is liked by our clients and we make sure to run strong messages around the themes we build so as to make it catchy and meaningful. I believe all agencies who are into Digital marketing should look at this aspect very seriously.
3. Be open with suggestions –In India we face a lot of problems due to unawareness. Digital trends have changed drastically in last 4-5 years. People who are not well read do not understand the importance of running a good campaign. In this case, we work with our clients to tell them the benefits that they can drive through digital marketing. Many of our clients consider us as business partners which is a proud feeling ?. Our efforts are honest and we keep transparency in our execution. This is again well taken by our clients who now understand how to drive results digitally.
4. Good skill sets – A good team is imperative for a good organization. We have learnt now that dependencies over team can only be put when you understand that they have good skill sets. A team leader should understand his responsibilities towards the organization and should go to any extent to drive results for his/her client. Ultimately this attitude makes our team mates a shareholder. We need to be sure about our team and its skill sets. Our team has skilled professionals most of them with a strong MBA background and with lots of technical know-how. I am happy today that we do not have to think too much to drive great results for our clients.
5. Data analysis is the key for Digital marketing – Internet today has lots of data. Everyone speaks about personalization these days. Well, this can be driven if you know “How you as a service provider help your clients or customers differently?” This can be known with good historical data analysis and competitor’s analysis. We also work on ensuring that good personalization is achieved by our clients especially when they look to tap a niche market. A startup with limited offerings can make it’s marketing strategy by tapping the right segment at the right time with the right cost. I believe all this can be achieved well with good data analysis and we do that very well with our clients. In future our mission is to generate more assets around “Data-driven” approach and we want to bring better and more cost-effective results for our clients.

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